Monday, January 31, 2011

What's Happening to Hollywood?

What has happened to Hollywood?  I know I am certainly not the first person to mention this, but Hollywood is too thin.  WAY TOO THIN!  The actresses all look hard and skeletal.  Actresses who looked amazingly beautiful ten years ago now look rough and kind of scary.  Take, for example, Jane Leeves, actress who played Daphne Moon on Frasier and who now plays Joy on Hot in Cleveland.
 Is it just me, or does she not look so great?  Now, I love Jane Leeves.  I think she's great.  And, I know there's an age difference between these two photos, but I don't think age is the problem here.  I really feel that if Jane Leeves were ten pounds heavier now she would be much cuter.  She would possess a certain softness that she once had, a softness that she lost with the loss of a bit of weight.  When she played Daphne Moon, she looked healthy and happy.  Clothes seemed to fit perfectly and her collar bone showed off the gentle curves of her neck.  Now, as Joy, she looks like she's trying to hard.  Clothes seem to hang off her in a less-flattering way, and her collar bone seems to jut out at hard right angles.  

Again, I don't mean to pick on Jane Leeves, but I'm using her as an example for the rest of Hollywood.  Do people really think this looks good?  I've noticed this on plenty of other actresses (Mary Tyler Moore, Meg Ryan, and Jennifer Love Hewitt to name a few).  In an attempt to fit into a size -2 all these actresses have lost that wonderful attractive quality...femininity.  

So, who do I think is stunningly beautiful?  America Ferrera!  Sure, she's dropped a few pounds since her role in Real Women Have Curves, but she's not scary thin.  Her face is full but well-shaped.  Her curves are plentiful and beautiful and her clothing only helps to accentuate her beauty.  What do you think?


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