Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fifteen Minutes A Day

So, the other day I blogged about my plan for Icing, and how Hans and I would play with her for 15 minutes at a time each.  The thought was that fifteen minutes seemed like a much more attainable goal, and that we would be more apt to devote that small amount of time (and possibly more).  So, two things:

1) Icing is doing wonderfully.  We have quickly lengthened our time with her, and as her training progresses we are allowing her to partake in family activities more and more.  Last night we even took her to Bass Pro Shops.  She and Cody still don't get along (at all), but she's quickly learning to pay attention to what we ask of her, and that's a good thing.  Hopefully she'll find a home soon.

2) I didn't realize what a great thing I'd stumbled upon when I decided to start with just 15 mintues at a time.  Things were going so well with Icing that I decided to try it with other aspects of my life (namely cleaning).  I know it hasn't been long, but so far so good.  Fifteen minutes is not enough time to start and finish a large project, but it's enough to get started.  If I say, "Just fifteen minutes" then by the end of 15 minutes I'm typically wanting to continue because I'm already involved.  Plus, on days where I'm super-busy, and I know there's no way to finish a larger project, I might at least get 15 minutes in.  This is a huge change from the days where I'd just give up and say there was no way I was every going to get it done, so why should I even start.

So, what can you get done in fifteen minutes?  Hmmm....

1) Clean a desk

2) Vacuum a floor of the house (depends on how thorough you are, but good for a light cleaning).

3) Fold laundry (depending on amount of laundry).

4) Clean a bathroom (at least my tiny bathroom). 

5) Change your way of living.

6) The possibilities are endless!

I should make one last comment.  Again, I know it hasn't been long, but the last few days have been wonderful.  By starting with just 15 minutes, I'm getting so much more done.  When I get more done, I feel better about myself.  When I feel better about myself, I'm more apt to get even more done.  Do you see where this is going?  I encourage you, instead of looking at a massive project and declaring that it's too big and overwhelming, set your timer and work for just 15 minutes.  I assure you, you'll be amazed at the progress you can make!

Alright, blogland.  How do YOU stay motivated?

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  1. The 15 minutes thing is a great idea, especially for procrastinators and clutter-mongers like me! Thanks Val!