Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Holiday Confusion

Alright, so I know just about everyone has commented on this, but I'm going to throw my voice in too.

Halloween just passed, and Thanksgiving is just a week away.  However, Christmas has already come in.  If you watch any t.v. you will see commercials promoting different Christmas sales.  If you pass any store you will see Christmas displays in the window.  In fact, just last week some stores near our neighborhood had a Holly Open House and decked the halls with lots of things to sell.  Amidst all this Christmas hoopla, I find that I am having trouble remembering which holiday is coming up.

I know that next Thursday is Thanksgiving, but I keep panicking.  I don't have all my gifts!  Will I be able to get them all by next week?  There are some ads that I've seen, and I've wondered why they're showing them so late.  Shouldn't they show them more than a week before Christmas? 

It's extremely frustrating.  Has the world forgotten about Thanksgiving?  I haven't.  My house is still decorated for autumn, and that won't change until after Thanksgiving.  I'm not going to buy anything special just because it's Christmas oriented.  I hope the retail world understands this.  If not, TOO BAD!  I'm going to celebrate one holiday at a time, and that's all there is too it.

In other news: One year ago today, it was raining and a car rear ended me.  It's raining today too.  Do I have to leave the house?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Getting Back In The Groove

Good morning!  How has everyone been since I last wrote?  I've been, well, mediocre.  Things haven't been bad, per se, but they haven't been great either.  Let me explain.

If you look back over my most recent blog posts, you'll see I had a rough few weeks.  First, I threw my neck out, which pretty much put me out of commission for a week.  Almost as soon as that healed, I got sick, and that put me out of commission for another week.  Some people, after having two weeks on the couch, are ready to GO once they start feeling better.  I'm not one of those people.  My butt got used to the couch.

I've been so very tired, and moving has been exhausting.  Admittedly, since I'm still coughing a bit from that cold from Hell, I wonder if that doesn't have something to do with it, but I know another part is sheer laziness.  My diet has been atrocious at best, and I've been grabbing my meals at what ever fast food joint sounds best (also hurting my wallet).  My bike has been out for one 5 minute ride to a neighbor's house, and I haven't run in a month.  This is not good.

Over the past few weeks, a few events have occurred to make me feel kind of down on myself too.  First, the Up & Running course ended.  I had already accepted the fact that I would not finish on time, but I was still disappointed that I wasn't running a 10k that weekend.  Then, this past Saturday was the Richmond Marathon.  I had planned to run an 8k that's part of that marathon, but I passed on that too.  I was REALLY disappointed in myself for that one.  Finally, Hans and I went shopping yesterday.

We went to Williamsburg with the sole purpose of buying a pair of fleece-lined athletic pants I'd seen on my birthday (exactly one month ago yesterday).  This, luckily, wasn't as depressing as I'd expected it to be, or else I may have had more trouble recovering.  Still, though, the pants that looked and felt great one month ago, were a little snug this time.  I was happy that any larger still would have been too large, but I didn't like that they were snug.  So, I made a decision.

November 25th is the Richmond Turkey Trot (a 10k race).  I've heard dogs are allowed in this race too, though I haven't confirmed it.   I want to run this race.  I don't need to go fast or win a medal.  I just want to run that 10k.

I have less that two weeks to get back in shape.  My run this morning was less than stellar, but I'm happy that I ran.  I'll be running more this week, and Cody will run with me.  I'm also going to work on getting back into my gym routine (3 days a week- 1 day swimming, 1 day strength, 1 day yoga).  I really want this to happen.

Wish me luck!