Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Home for Good!

Hello fellow bloggers!

I am officially home for good. Now the real fun begins. I've been handing out cards and brochures, trying to get some clients. I've also been working on cleaning out the room that will be my office (along with the rest of the house). I'll admit that I've been slacking a bit, and progress is slow, but things are getting done.

On top of regular business things, I've also been working a lot with Cody and 'Annie.' He's actually doing really well. We worked a private session with "Annie" yesterday, and he did much better than I expected. I can only pray that he does extremely well in the show, and I get a lot of clients from it.

We also have the Fairytale Ball this Saturday. That's basically a family-friendly formal event with food and drinks that the theatre puts on. Cody will be there to help promote the show (and hopefully Impawsible Pups). So, I'm prepping him for that as well.

I'm stressed, but I'm also really happy right now. I can only hope it stays this way.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Last Day

I'm posting this post on my very last day at Tarheel Canine. I can't believe that when I leave this afternoon I won't have to drive back in 2 days. That is such a wonderful feeling. Yes, I'm going to miss people (I've said that before), but I'm so excited to be going home. I have 2 clients to work with already, plus I have the play. I can only expect things to go up from here.

There have been bumps along the way. I've had a snafu with the business cards, disagreements with the head obedience trainer, and Cody always smells when we leave here. That being said, I wouldn't trade a second of it. I've loved working with the dogs, and I just can't wait to do it on my own time. I can't wait to make a career of this. The best part is, this has never felt like work. It has always felt like fun.

Here's to fun!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What a Week!

Sorry it's been so long since I last posted. I've just been crazy busy.

Cody and I had our first rehearsal on Sunday. I was so proud of him. He was very well behaved. That being said, it was extremely easy for me to pick out the problem areas and find where we need to work with him some more. I think we'll be meeting with "Annie" here soon to teach her a few things about dog handling as well. Other than that, I'm just excited. Of course, as soon as opening night comes around, my heart will be in my chest.

This is my LAST WEEK at Tarheel! I don't think I can stress how excited I am. I can't wait to get back home and sleep in my own bed. I can't wait to start working with my own clients. I can't wait to be out of the smelly dorms. I can't wait to be able to use my own shower. I can't wait to be less than 10 minutes from a Barnes and Noble!!!!

Since it is my last week, I've actually been slacking off a lot more than I should be. The fact of the matter is, all the dogs I brought in went home last week. I only have one left, he's a week ahead of schedule, and I won't even be the one checking him out. I did work with him (and a few others) today, but really I'm just resting on my laurels. I'm just excited.

And it's not like I've been doing nothing. I've been super busy setting up my own business. The website is done, and business cards and brochures have been printed. I still have contracts to print, and office to get in order, and clients to recruit. Really though, I feel like it's all downhill from here.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


I realized today that I hadn't mentioned something very important. Two great friends of mine, Jess and Byron, got engaged this week. I am absolutely thrilled for them. They've been together for ages and it's about darn time. :P

I've known Jess since I was 10. We've shared secrets and crushes. She was always there for me when I needed her, and I hope I've been there for her too. We've also had a ton of fights, but that has never changed how close we are.

I remember when Jess first told me about Byron I remember being happy and really wanting to meet him. When I first met him, I wasn't so fond of him. Actually, I don't think we were extremely fond of each other. I think he found me boring and a bit of a fuddy dud, and I found him to be young and obnoxious. But as time went on, and I saw how happy he made Jess, he began to grow on me.

And he really has grown on me. Hans and I thoroughly enjoy going out with Jess and Byron. He makes me laugh with his silly comments and he makes me smile with his tenderness towards Jess and Miko (the dog). And, while I'll have to kick his butt if that ever changes, for now I can only shake his hand and say, "Your a good man. Take care of her. She's my best friend and I love her. Congratulations you two!"

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just Another Day at Tarheel

What an exciting day!

First, I stopped to help a loose dog on my way into school. I was driving down a busy section of Route 1 and saw a loose dog with a collar in the middle of the road. I pulled over to help him, but I ended up having to call animal control. I don't know what happened after animal control arrived (I had to get to school), but I hope the dog is ok.

Then I got to school. Everything was fairly mellow for the first half hour. Then came the screams. Everyone ran out into the training room to find Anthony on the floor with dog on his arm. And not just any dog. This dog was the meanest dog in the building. He is the only dog I've seen Janet afraid of. We called Jeff and asked to come get the dog to put him back in his kennel (Jeff's the only one who can handle him). Luckily no one else was bitten, but one was tramatic enough. Next came the hospital visit.

I took Anthony to the local emergency room. To describe the bite, there were no puncture wounds. All he had were crushing injuries. After x-rays and some evaluations, the doctors decided that Anthony was fine with no broken bones and a bit of nerve damage. We were all relieved to hear the news.

Now comes my big, exciting news. I officially have my first client! I used to baby-sitt for her, and Dad saw her the other night. When he told her what I was doing she seemed pretty interested, so I gave her a call. She signed up! Yay! I have a real job! I'm pretty stoked.

All in all, it was just another day at Tarheel.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

About Sam

My dear, sweet, friend, Sam, passed away last night. It was very sudden, and I believe he was sleeping. At least I can say it was peaceful. He had a very happy weekend and a wonderful afternoon, and I'm happy that his last few days were joyful.

Sam came to us as a stray when he was about 4-6 years old. He would circle the neighborhood and go to a few "suckers" (like us) who he knew would give him food. He also loved to play with the dogs we had at the time. After awhile, we had come to love him, but we just had not officially adopted him. That's when the neighbor shot him.

The neighbor behind our house shot him in his front left shoulder, which he had to have amputated. After an amputation, heartworm treatment, and a neutering, we decided he was ours.

Since that day, Sam has filled our lives with joy and amusement. Summer months were spent laughing at him as he tried to catch flies with his mouth. Evenings were spent trusting him to watch over and protect us from harm. Mom loves to talk about his multiple barks. He had one for people, one for dogs, and one for poop. Most of the time, though, we just enjoyed cuddling with him and loving him.

As the days passed, and Sam got older, his life did get a bit harder. His leg began to give him trouble, showing the wear and tear from all the extra use. New puppies entered the house, which made Sam seem older. It was easy to tell he really didn't want the puppies around all the time. That being said, he was still happy as long as he had food to eat, a bone to chew, and people to love him. And we did/do love him.

To Sam: You will be missed.

Monday, March 16, 2009

2 More Weeks

I am almost done.

There are only 2 more weeks to complete before I am certified. Everything is in place for a business. Cody is preparing for a play. And I'm going nuts with excitement.

I will miss being here. I've really come to enjoy the people here. Still, though, Sanford is not home. It is not where my heart is (this brings to mind the song "I left my heart in San Francisco," but that's not true either).

All in all, I'm ready to get this party started!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Impawsible Pups, Inc.

Yes, I'm incorporated!! Woot!

I am quite excited about this, actually. My business is official...with documents and everything!

Also, for those of you who don't know yet, I have a website as well. It's not quite finished, but you can get the basic idea. Check it out... Hopefully you find it as wonderful as I do.

Other than that, Hans and I spent the day running around trying to get things set up. I have a business phone and a P.O. box, and business cards and brochures should be out any day.

What an exciting day! Now, however, I'm pooped!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

You and Your Dog

Here I ask the question, "How do you view your dog?" Is your dog like a child to you? Is your dog spoiled? Is your dog stubborn? Or, to the other extremem, is your dog just a tool to gain trophies?

Too often than not, people forget that their dogs are just that...dogs. They forget that a dog's greatest joy is just to be around others. They forget the importance of exercise (both mental and physical). Most importantly, they forget how to enjoy their dogs.

Yes, it's great when your dog wins an agility competition. Yes, it's wonderful if he wins a PSA title. Sometimes, though, all your dog wants is your company.

If you have a dog, or are thinking about getting one, please don't forget the importance of leisurely walks, fun bike rides, long cuddles, and lots of love. Allow yourself to love your dog just as much as he loves you, because, to quote a famous poet, "Love is all you need."

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

2.5 Weeks Left!!!

I can't believe it. There are only 2.5 weeks left for me. This is quite exciting. While I'm panicking over starting a business, I'm trusting that everything will go well. I already have a few potential customers (go me), and I have plenty of plans for advertising.

Also, I finally received instructions for Cody in 'Annie.' Can we say "panick?" His first rehearsal is in 2 weeks, which means I have a lot of work to do. I do believe I may have to start working him 2-3-4 times a day. I definitely need to tighten him up on a few things. That being said, he's a fast learner. He'll do well.

And I hope everyone can make it to see Cody. This will be such a big day for all of us. Cody loves being in the theatre, and it's always a treat for him. Hans and I will just be proud parents. Anyway, please let me know if you're interested in tickets.

Other than that, I hope that everyone is having as good a time as I am right now. Life feels good.

Monday, March 9, 2009

New Member in the Family

This weekend, Hans and I flew up to MN to visit our newest nephew (nephnew), Edward James. I must say he's adorable.

My first reaction when I saw him was, "Ok. You're cute. You're small, but you're cute." Then, to my surprise, I was able to hold him. At that point, my reaction was, "You Are ADORABLE!" He really is tiny (4lb 7 oz), but he's doing quite well. He's off the oxygen and learning to eat on his own (emphasis on learning).

Other than meeting my nephnew, it was really great being able to see the in-laws again. In someway, I feel like we're seeing them tons. We are seeing them more than I'd expected. In other ways, though, I feel like we're not seeing them nearly enough. Maybe that's because, as much as I hate to admit it, a small part of me does miss MN. Well, I made some good memories anyway. That being said, my home is definitely in VA. It would take a lot to get me to move.

Now, I'm back in my dorm room. Hans left just a few minutes ago. I enjoy having him here. It's nice to have someone to come back to in the evenings. If only he could stay!!
I just can't believe there are only 3 weeks until I'm finished. There are so many things left for me to do and so little time to do them in. I do have some potential clients, too, so I really need to get on the ball. That being said...time to get to business!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bring On the Estrogen!

I am no longer the only girl in a dorm full of boys!!!! There is a new student here.

While a new female means having to do a little more work for bathroom time, it's totally worth it. She's a quiet girl, too, and I think it rubs off on everyone. I feel better about spending time in my room. I don't feel left out or lonely because I know I'm not the only one doing it. While I enjoy getting out and interacting, sometimes it's nice to just have some time to myself. Apparently new girl (whose name is Loretta) feels the same way.

Truth be told, she really reminds me of a very quiet friend of mine (you know who you are). And I must thank said friend for giving me the practice at starting a conversation and keeping it going. Dear friend, you have also given me the patience to tolerate said quiet. I know a few of my colleagues are frustrated, but I'm interested. I really just want to learn more about her. That being said, I still don't know what to make of her. Hopefully I learn more in the next few weeks.

In other news, I can't wait for the weekend to begin! Hans and I have decided to fly to MN to meet our nephnew (new nephew). I look forward to getting a real, live view of him. While he's probably the cutest newborn I've ever seen a picture of, I can't help but think he looks a bit like a tiny old man. His face is still kind of scrunched and he has hair. Let me stress again that I think he's adorable. The old man thing just makes him that much more lovable...and I'm sure he'll grow out of it (and eventually back into it but that's quite a ways down the road). Anyway, as I said, I'm excited. Woohoo! Plane trip!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Good Book and Things To Think About

This week, I read a book called "The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl." It was about a woman who weighed 351 lb. and decided to do something about it. While it focused on weight loss, it also focused a lot on just being happy with who you are and what you've accomplished.

This woman, Shauna, had basically put her life on hold. Her motto was pretty much, "I'm to fat." She worried about going out in public, riding buses, walking from her car to a building. Shopping was the equivalent of hell, and the scale at Weight Watchers would bring her to tears.

It was inspiring to read as she reached her weight loss goals, but it was even more inspiring to watch her discover the person she always wanted to be. She made a list of the things she wanted to do when she was skinny, but most of those things she did long before. She travelled, swam, ran a 5k, and even met (and married) the man of her dreams.

So, it got me thinking. Am I happy with everything I've done? Short answer is yes, but the long answer is slightly more complicated. I'm proud of what I've done, but I am also often too embarrassed to try new things. It's not always a weight thing (although that's often the case). More often, it's just a fear of looking like an idiot or failing miserably. So, I'm making a new resolution. Kind of like the Nike slogan, "Just Do It." I want to just get out there and do the things I've been wanting to do.

I'm tired of making excuses. I'm tired of saying I don't have time or energy, or Cody needs me, or blah blah blah. I just want to do it. Some things, of course, will be prohibited for financial reasons, but those are just the things I'll have to save up for.

So here's to new things. My first job at hand...finish school!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Not Quite Back Yet

So, here I am, sitting in front a nice cozy fire, still at home. This is certainly not what I had planned. I should at least be on the road to school, if not already there. Anyone in Richmond knows why I'm here, though.


I left home and ran to Target for a few last minute necessities. By the time I left Target, I looked at the road and said, "Oh no. I'm not an idiot." I was already tired, and the roads looked awful. Hence, I am still at home.

I do hope to get back tomorrow. As much as I love being home (and I do love it) I know I have other responsibilities in NC. In my last blog, I talked about Weiser. I am worried about him, and I want to make sure he's ok. That being said, I'M HOME! Woo hoo!