Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just Another Day at Tarheel

What an exciting day!

First, I stopped to help a loose dog on my way into school. I was driving down a busy section of Route 1 and saw a loose dog with a collar in the middle of the road. I pulled over to help him, but I ended up having to call animal control. I don't know what happened after animal control arrived (I had to get to school), but I hope the dog is ok.

Then I got to school. Everything was fairly mellow for the first half hour. Then came the screams. Everyone ran out into the training room to find Anthony on the floor with dog on his arm. And not just any dog. This dog was the meanest dog in the building. He is the only dog I've seen Janet afraid of. We called Jeff and asked to come get the dog to put him back in his kennel (Jeff's the only one who can handle him). Luckily no one else was bitten, but one was tramatic enough. Next came the hospital visit.

I took Anthony to the local emergency room. To describe the bite, there were no puncture wounds. All he had were crushing injuries. After x-rays and some evaluations, the doctors decided that Anthony was fine with no broken bones and a bit of nerve damage. We were all relieved to hear the news.

Now comes my big, exciting news. I officially have my first client! I used to baby-sitt for her, and Dad saw her the other night. When he told her what I was doing she seemed pretty interested, so I gave her a call. She signed up! Yay! I have a real job! I'm pretty stoked.

All in all, it was just another day at Tarheel.

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