Friday, March 27, 2009

Last Day

I'm posting this post on my very last day at Tarheel Canine. I can't believe that when I leave this afternoon I won't have to drive back in 2 days. That is such a wonderful feeling. Yes, I'm going to miss people (I've said that before), but I'm so excited to be going home. I have 2 clients to work with already, plus I have the play. I can only expect things to go up from here.

There have been bumps along the way. I've had a snafu with the business cards, disagreements with the head obedience trainer, and Cody always smells when we leave here. That being said, I wouldn't trade a second of it. I've loved working with the dogs, and I just can't wait to do it on my own time. I can't wait to make a career of this. The best part is, this has never felt like work. It has always felt like fun.

Here's to fun!