Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Long Time No See

Hello all!

I'm sorry it's been so long.  I've been super-busy with work, and frankly I'm often just too tired to write a blog post.  Today, though, I have a little time and a little energy, so I thought I'd fill y'all in on everything that's been happening.

First, the kennel is doing great.  It's doing so great, in fact, that Hans and I were able to take a vacation.  We've driven out west with the dogs to visit Hans' family in MN.  It's been great so far.  We were able to see Hans' old roommate, attend our SIL's baby shower, see Hans' favorite train, and even visit our Alma Mater.

Speaking of the Alma Mater visit, that was an interesting experience.  Here's the thing, by the time I graduated, I was D-O-N-E with school.  Correction: I was done with that school.  I graduated with a major that I didn't love, I was sick of the cold, and all in all it just wasn't a great fit for me.  The school in and of itself was perfectly fine, and I have plenty of fond memories, but it definitely was not the best fit for me.  So, returning was weird.  In some ways, all these memories came flooding back and made me feel like I was back in school with no responsibilities.  In other ways, all these memories came flooding back and reminded me of everything I hated.  The smell of the practice rooms reminded me of hours of practicing, making myself better, but it also reminded me of the hours spent crying, not wanting to do it anymore.  It was an interesting sensation.

In addition, we got to visit our old choir...where we met.  That is something I did miss.  It was a lot of fun sitting next to Hans, singing like we used to.  I was definitely rusty, but I loved it.

We also went on a little date to one of our favorite restaurants.  It's the place where we had our rehearsal dinner, and I love the food.  Ahh, memories!

In addition to all that, on Saturday, Hans will be running his first 5k, and I'll be running my second marathon on Sunday.  I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am of Hans.  He's really been training well, and he's taking this quite seriously.  I'm SOOOO proud of him.

Well, that's really about it.  The dogs are doing well, travel is great, and I'm really enjoying the extra sleep.  Woot!