Sunday, July 25, 2010

Running Yet Again

I know I've done a few posts on running in the past year (particularly the last few months), but I can't help but write another post.

Just over a month ago I stopped doing the C25k.  I was on week 7 and felt I had really accomplished a lot, but I was going through a lot and just couldn't seem to continue with it.  Then, when I was physically ready to start again I was not mentally ready.  I was a little hesitant to start and find out how far back I'd gone, and I wasn't really all that excited about getting back on the treadmill.  Plus, I wanted to be able to do something with Cody and Shadow and get them exercise too.  Then, Hans and I went on vacation.

This past weekend was wonderful!  We spent so much time with Cody, and we were really able to bond.  We went hiking and back packing, and we ended each session with cuddle time.  After last weekend, I wanted more.  MORE!  MORE!  MORE!

I woke up Monday morning, put Cody's collar on and leashed up Shadow, and headed out.  To be honest, it felt awful.  I was tired and a little sore from all the weekend's hiking.  Plus, I was really only ever used to running with Cody, not with two dogs.  I was dreading looking at my phone and seeing how far I'd gone.  I was certain it would be an abominable number.  When I returned to the house, however, I was shocked to find I'd gone over a mile.  I remember the first time I ever ran a mile.  It was on a treadmill, in air conditioning, and it took me months to do it.  After so much time off, I never thought I'd be able to jump right back into it.

Timing Tuesday did not allow me to get out, but I was certain to go out Wednesday...with Hans.  Hans took Shadow and I took Cody.  Wednesday was great.  It felt wonderful, but I was disappointed to see I hadn't quite gone as far as I'd wanted.  Still a mile, but not quite perfect. 

Both yesterday and today, I decided to go out on my own (well, with Cody and Shadow).  I know it's not always the best method, but I really just said I'd go until I felt too tired and then I'd walk again.  Yesterday I went about a half mile farther than Wednesday, but I'd been hoping to get to 2 miles.  I was close, really close, but no cigar.  The problem wasn't that I was too tired, but rather that I was scared of getting too tired so I kept my route short.  My route wasn't long enough.  So, I took the dogs out again this morning with the same goals in mind, but with a lengthened route.  I made some right turns instead of left turns and chose the longer blocks and guess what.  I made it!  Two miles!!!  Woot!  I made it!

I know that to people used to running marathons that two miles seems puny, but it's a big deal for me.  And the best part?  Cody and Shadow are tired.  Very, very tired.  A tired dog is a very good thing in this household.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Hello All!

Today, I am in a very good mood.  It's such a good mood I wanted to share it with all of you.  Why am I in such a good mood?


Yes, today has been a good day.  Yes, everything seems to be going my way (except I can't slow time).  Still, though, I've had days like today and they haven't been extraordinary.  Today, though, today makes me happy.  Chances are it's the heat.

I've always said I thrive in heat.  While others complain about how they're melting, I'll complain right along.  In reality, though, I'm thinking, "Sweat!  It's warm enough for me to sweat!!!  It's warm enough to swim!  It's super hot and we might get a super-awesome thunderstorm (if we're lucky)."  Yes, I know I'm crazy.  And yes, there are days where I just feel it's hot and I want nothing to do with it.  The truth is, though, I really love the heat.  I love the idea of warm weather and sunshine and days lounging by the pool.  I love the thought of taking Cody to the river or beach and jumping in the water with him.  It's just so much fun!

While I've always loved the summer, I think my love took an extreme after my extended stay in MN.  Unfortunately, most of my 4 years in MN was spent during the winter.  I came home during the summer.  Therefore, not only was I escaping the bitter cold during summer, I was also returning home.  Summer is good for me.

Now, how do I convince Hans to like the summer this much?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Missing You

Dear Friend,

It's days like these that I miss you most.

It isn't a bad day.  Really, it's rather good.  It's one of those days that reminds me of you.

This day reminds me of climbing mountains.  It reminds me of frisbee on the beach.  It reminds me of a long drive home, even longer talks, and for some reason, Celine Dion.  It reminds me of sitting in a car in a back alley, letting Cody fog up the car windows because it's too wet to roll them down.

Today reminds me of sudden downpours and "stories we'll tell our grandchildren."  It reminds me of a Reuben sandwich and a lazy stroll. 

Really, today reminds me of you.

Most days I'm fine.  After all this time I can usually go a while without thinking of you, without remembering how much fun we used to have.  Then a day like this hits me.  It comes without warning and it leaves me shell shocked.  I'm left for days wondering why, how, what happened.

Sometimes I tell myself you're on vacation.  You're just gone for a while, but you'll call me soon.  Then I tell myself it's over, you're gone.  Sometimes I'm really angry at you.  How could you leave like that?  Then I just miss you and wish I could help you out.  Sometimes I think I see you.  Is that you on that bicycle?  Did you get a new car?  That girl at Barnes and Noble looks a lot like you.  Upon closer inspection, though, I see it's all just my imagination.

I just want you to know that I do miss you.  I think we all do.  I miss the laughing, the talking, the general understanding.  I miss you.



Monday, July 19, 2010

A New Phone

Lately, work has been difficult.  I've been busy and hassled.  Many times I'll leave the house by 9:00 am and not return until 9:00 pm.  Don't get me wrong, I'm loving all that I'm doing, but sometimes it can be hard (which is why Hans and I got away for the weekend).  One of the biggest problems with being gone so long is all that work that could be done if only I had my computer.  Sometimes, this just means the ability to check email.  Other times it means being able to research and look things up quickly.  Most of the time, bringing along the laptop is a little too cumbersom (adding a fourth bag to my shoulder does not sound appealing), and generally there just isn't enough time to run home real quickly.    So, to make life easier, I decided to opt for a new phone.

The decision was a long time coming, and I had quite a hard time making it.  I've never been big on the technology hype.  I mean, really, all I needed was something to make phone calls (and occasionally text).  I take pictures with my camera, not with my phone.  Online time was done with the computer...all I needed was to be able to check email.  Then, they showed me the Droid X.  I'm not sure if I should curse Meghan, the sales rep, or bless her for showing me this phone.  One web search and I was hooked.

So, Thursday morning I woke up early, I left the house at 7:30, and I arrived at Verizon by 8:00.  There were 45 phones in the store that day, and I was number 41, but a few people bought extras (greedy!), and I ended up leaving the store that day empty handed...almost.  I did leave with a receipt and the guarantee that my phone would arrive the next day.  Which it did

Now I have this amazing, wonderful, horribly addictive phone.  I'm taking pictures, recording videos, checking email, researching, listening to music, and playing games.  This phone has already been a huge help and relief and I've only had it for one weekend!  Yay!!

Pandora Joys
Last winter, I went to plug in my ipod only to discover that it needed to be reset to factory settings.  In other words, all my music would be deleted.  This wouldn't have been much more than a minor incovenience if it hadn't been for the fact that two winters before all my cds had been stolen.  I lost ALL my music.  Generally, I was fine with the radio, but occasionally I'd miss MY music.  I wanted to listen to the Decemberists and Yael Naim, and they pretty much never come on the radio.  Then I got Droid X.

All of a sudden Pandora is available to me on my phone!  I can plug my phone into my car, and, while I'm not able to choose the exact song I want to hear, I can at least choose what kind of music I listen too.  Today I've spent most of the day listening to The Beatles.  Yes! I love it!

Finally Running Again
This morning, after such a relaxing weekend, I was ready to run again.  After so much time with Cody I wanted to spend more, and I wanted Shadow to get a little exercise too.  It was time to take my run outside.  This weekend I downloaded a little program on my Droid X (completely free, hurray), so I turned my phone on, hooked it to my waist belt, and went out.  My run was short, but it was fun tracking my course afterwards, and it was even more fun showing Hans my route.  I'm so excited.

Alright, so I know this post may be kind of annoying.  First of all, I'm sure it sounds like an ad for Droid X.  I don't really mean for it to sound like that, but I'm excited about my phone.  Second of all, I'm sure it may sound like I'm bragging a bit.  Really, though, I'm not bragging...unless you think it's extremely talented to be sucked into a sales ad.  I'm just happy with my new phone.  I'll leave you with this brief story.

Hans was sulking whenever I played with my phone, and after some brief prodding I got him to admit he was jealous.  He wants my new phone too.  I'd be more than willing to get a second Droid if Hans didn't have a tendency to drop his phone from 60 feet high (twice) and talk on the phone while in the shower (once) requiring him to carry a sturdier phone (one that can handle heights and water).  A Droid would die in less than a day.  So, I asked him to keep in mind that it's not just my phone, it's our phone.  He's more than welcome to use it, and itstead of being jealous, he should be happy that we could even think of getting such an awesome phone.  He seemed ok once he was able to play on my phone a bit too.  Plus, now we can both use the computer at the same on the laptop, one on the phone.  Yay!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Day of Rest

Sorry that I haven't posted in a while.  While it's true that I've been super busy, the fact of the matter is just that I haven't felt like posting.  My day seems to be on a repetitive cycle, and there's nothing to talk about.  Granted, that cycle is fantastic and wonderful at the moment, but how often can one read about how happy I am?  So, for this post, I'm going to give you a few Lil' Tidbits, and then I'll tell you about my weekend.

Not much happened after Cody's birthday.  Well, not much except for one major thing.  Last Wednesday (the 14th) was Hans' and my anniversary.  We've now been married 3 years and have been together for almost 7.  It's really amazing how time flies.  I mean, it seems like just yesterday that I was a frightened freshmen in college and I was rolling my eyes at the stupid jock nickname that was Hans (that is, until I figured out why he was really called Hans.  Cultural influences are so much better).  Now, I'm married to a wonderful man, we have a fantastic home and dog(s), and we're both gainfully employed (i.e. not living off our parents).  It's kind of amazing.  Maybe next year I'll do a decent anniversary post.

We really didn't do much for our anniversary.  We took the dogs for a walk through an outdoor mall, and just spent the evening together.  Then, we came home and had pizza and pie.  It was a pleasant evening off that we haven't had in a while.

Oh, and Hans got me a really great gift.  One of our friends, Emily Cole, is a really great artist.  Hans surprised me with some of her work.

A while back we had some pictures taken of Cody by Jenna Morris.  Hans apparently snuck those pictures to Emily and had her do this beautiful collage.  The center picture is Cody's headshot from 'Annie' and the pictures around it are from the photo shoot.  I'm thoroughly impressed.

Yeah, so that's pretty much it...until this weekend.

This Weekend
This weekend was AMAZING.  With as crazy as what life has been lately, Hans and I decided we needed a break for the weekend.  We went to a B&B in the Shenandoah Valley.

A five-star resort this was not.  It was dirtier than I can usually handle.  The view, though.  Wow!  The view was fantastic.

And the room did have a cozy feel.

And Cody was very were both Hans and I.

All we pretty much did was hike, eat and sleep, but that's all that was needed.  Plus, for the first time ever, Cody was able to carry our stuff instead of us carrying his stuff.

 Doesn't he look happy?

Before we finally came home, we stopped in Charlottesville for a walk through the downtown mall.  There we found these:

Now, Cody can finally stick his head out the window, and I don't have to worry about a stray stone!  Plus, he looks super-duper cute.

We ended the day with a great meal at Lucille's.  I still want some more of that crab cake sandwich, even though I feel stuffed to the brim.

Now, Hans is telling me to hurry up so I can join in and watch the movie that's playing.  Sooo...I guess I'd better go.  Hope y'all enjoyed my long-overdue post.  Before I go, though, one more thing.  Can anyone tell me what this bug is?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 6, 2007

Yes, I know it's not 2007.  It's just that this day 3 years ago is a very special day for me and Hans.  It's the day that Cody was born.  Granted, on this day in 2007 I didn't even know he existed, I still cherish the date.  Cody has brought such joy to my life.  How could I not cherish the date?

Cody first made me laugh as a cute, fluffy puppy.  I'd crack up as he'd slide across the kitchen floor.  I'd smile as he stretched out and gave a little puppy yawn.  My heart would leap every time I saw his tail wag as I walked through the front door.

As he's grown he's continued to make me smile.  Cody gives me someone to cuddle with on the nights Hans has to work late.  He gives me protection when I'm in a "scary" situation.  He's a work-out buddy, a blanket, a teddy bear.  Cody was the inspiration for me going to dog training school, and he's been a great mascot for my budding business.  Everyone loves him, but I don't think anyone loves him as much as I (Hans is a very close second).

So, to celebrate such a great day, Hans and I had some special, Cody-time planned.  Unfortunately, most of the afternoon was spent with clients and running errands, but that was probably for the best.  Cody had a late night with his best friend, CJ, and he needed to rest up for the rest of the day.  When Hans got home, though, the fun began!

Last July, I mentioned a place nearby called Texas Beach.  It's a dog-friendly beach on the river, and we hadn't gone since last summer.  With as hot as it's been, that seemed like the only logical place to take Cody.  It's been dry and hot, and I was concerned the river would be low and crowded.  Thank goodness I was wrong.  There were only a few people, and only 4 or 5 dogs.  Cody was thrilled!  He greeted all the dogs with a wagging tail, and then it was off to go swimming..

When we went last summer, the water was slightly lower so there were more rocks.  This time Cody really got to swim.  He wore out quite quickly, but was able to climb on rocks and get a break.  Then he'd jump back in a swim some more.  He'd swim from person to person, dog to dog, and always return to Mom and Dad.  If Mom and Dad were in a deep part, he'd give a pitiful face until we held him up or walked back to the rocks.  Some people even brought a frisbee, and Cody had a blast with that.  He made me laugh yet again as he jumped and dived for his favorite toy.  We left the river with a happy, tired 3-years-old puppy.

After the river we were all hungry, so we decided to go to a great, nearby burger place, Carytown Burgers and Fries.  Of course, since it was Cody's birthday we got him a burger and fries too.  Yes, I know it's not the healthiest option, and I know he doesn't even know it's his birthday, but I love having the opportunity to pamper him.  Cody, needless to say was quite appreciative of the special meal.

Now we're home and Cody is passed out.  He had a great night, and so did Hans and I.  I, of course, was Mrs. Forgetful and forgot the camera, but I do have this great after-picture.  Isn't he adorable when he sleeps?  I also have these great puppy and growing-up pictures.

 A tired puppy.

 Mmmm, mulberries!
 What?  I'm cold!
 Hey!  Who turned out the lights?!
 It's ok Mommy.  I'm tired too!
 What's that thing in your hand?  I'm only 3 months old.  I don't know what it is!
 I have the feeling I'm going to be very cold later.
 Here's Daddy!!!  I found him!