Sunday, July 25, 2010

Running Yet Again

I know I've done a few posts on running in the past year (particularly the last few months), but I can't help but write another post.

Just over a month ago I stopped doing the C25k.  I was on week 7 and felt I had really accomplished a lot, but I was going through a lot and just couldn't seem to continue with it.  Then, when I was physically ready to start again I was not mentally ready.  I was a little hesitant to start and find out how far back I'd gone, and I wasn't really all that excited about getting back on the treadmill.  Plus, I wanted to be able to do something with Cody and Shadow and get them exercise too.  Then, Hans and I went on vacation.

This past weekend was wonderful!  We spent so much time with Cody, and we were really able to bond.  We went hiking and back packing, and we ended each session with cuddle time.  After last weekend, I wanted more.  MORE!  MORE!  MORE!

I woke up Monday morning, put Cody's collar on and leashed up Shadow, and headed out.  To be honest, it felt awful.  I was tired and a little sore from all the weekend's hiking.  Plus, I was really only ever used to running with Cody, not with two dogs.  I was dreading looking at my phone and seeing how far I'd gone.  I was certain it would be an abominable number.  When I returned to the house, however, I was shocked to find I'd gone over a mile.  I remember the first time I ever ran a mile.  It was on a treadmill, in air conditioning, and it took me months to do it.  After so much time off, I never thought I'd be able to jump right back into it.

Timing Tuesday did not allow me to get out, but I was certain to go out Wednesday...with Hans.  Hans took Shadow and I took Cody.  Wednesday was great.  It felt wonderful, but I was disappointed to see I hadn't quite gone as far as I'd wanted.  Still a mile, but not quite perfect. 

Both yesterday and today, I decided to go out on my own (well, with Cody and Shadow).  I know it's not always the best method, but I really just said I'd go until I felt too tired and then I'd walk again.  Yesterday I went about a half mile farther than Wednesday, but I'd been hoping to get to 2 miles.  I was close, really close, but no cigar.  The problem wasn't that I was too tired, but rather that I was scared of getting too tired so I kept my route short.  My route wasn't long enough.  So, I took the dogs out again this morning with the same goals in mind, but with a lengthened route.  I made some right turns instead of left turns and chose the longer blocks and guess what.  I made it!  Two miles!!!  Woot!  I made it!

I know that to people used to running marathons that two miles seems puny, but it's a big deal for me.  And the best part?  Cody and Shadow are tired.  Very, very tired.  A tired dog is a very good thing in this household.


  1. Congratulations! Two miles! Wow!

  2. Hey, that's awesome!! More than I could do. I just started P90X and it is totally kicking my backside!