Monday, July 19, 2010

A New Phone

Lately, work has been difficult.  I've been busy and hassled.  Many times I'll leave the house by 9:00 am and not return until 9:00 pm.  Don't get me wrong, I'm loving all that I'm doing, but sometimes it can be hard (which is why Hans and I got away for the weekend).  One of the biggest problems with being gone so long is all that work that could be done if only I had my computer.  Sometimes, this just means the ability to check email.  Other times it means being able to research and look things up quickly.  Most of the time, bringing along the laptop is a little too cumbersom (adding a fourth bag to my shoulder does not sound appealing), and generally there just isn't enough time to run home real quickly.    So, to make life easier, I decided to opt for a new phone.

The decision was a long time coming, and I had quite a hard time making it.  I've never been big on the technology hype.  I mean, really, all I needed was something to make phone calls (and occasionally text).  I take pictures with my camera, not with my phone.  Online time was done with the computer...all I needed was to be able to check email.  Then, they showed me the Droid X.  I'm not sure if I should curse Meghan, the sales rep, or bless her for showing me this phone.  One web search and I was hooked.

So, Thursday morning I woke up early, I left the house at 7:30, and I arrived at Verizon by 8:00.  There were 45 phones in the store that day, and I was number 41, but a few people bought extras (greedy!), and I ended up leaving the store that day empty handed...almost.  I did leave with a receipt and the guarantee that my phone would arrive the next day.  Which it did

Now I have this amazing, wonderful, horribly addictive phone.  I'm taking pictures, recording videos, checking email, researching, listening to music, and playing games.  This phone has already been a huge help and relief and I've only had it for one weekend!  Yay!!

Pandora Joys
Last winter, I went to plug in my ipod only to discover that it needed to be reset to factory settings.  In other words, all my music would be deleted.  This wouldn't have been much more than a minor incovenience if it hadn't been for the fact that two winters before all my cds had been stolen.  I lost ALL my music.  Generally, I was fine with the radio, but occasionally I'd miss MY music.  I wanted to listen to the Decemberists and Yael Naim, and they pretty much never come on the radio.  Then I got Droid X.

All of a sudden Pandora is available to me on my phone!  I can plug my phone into my car, and, while I'm not able to choose the exact song I want to hear, I can at least choose what kind of music I listen too.  Today I've spent most of the day listening to The Beatles.  Yes! I love it!

Finally Running Again
This morning, after such a relaxing weekend, I was ready to run again.  After so much time with Cody I wanted to spend more, and I wanted Shadow to get a little exercise too.  It was time to take my run outside.  This weekend I downloaded a little program on my Droid X (completely free, hurray), so I turned my phone on, hooked it to my waist belt, and went out.  My run was short, but it was fun tracking my course afterwards, and it was even more fun showing Hans my route.  I'm so excited.

Alright, so I know this post may be kind of annoying.  First of all, I'm sure it sounds like an ad for Droid X.  I don't really mean for it to sound like that, but I'm excited about my phone.  Second of all, I'm sure it may sound like I'm bragging a bit.  Really, though, I'm not bragging...unless you think it's extremely talented to be sucked into a sales ad.  I'm just happy with my new phone.  I'll leave you with this brief story.

Hans was sulking whenever I played with my phone, and after some brief prodding I got him to admit he was jealous.  He wants my new phone too.  I'd be more than willing to get a second Droid if Hans didn't have a tendency to drop his phone from 60 feet high (twice) and talk on the phone while in the shower (once) requiring him to carry a sturdier phone (one that can handle heights and water).  A Droid would die in less than a day.  So, I asked him to keep in mind that it's not just my phone, it's our phone.  He's more than welcome to use it, and itstead of being jealous, he should be happy that we could even think of getting such an awesome phone.  He seemed ok once he was able to play on my phone a bit too.  Plus, now we can both use the computer at the same on the laptop, one on the phone.  Yay!!


  1. I <3 my Droid too!!! I am on a mission to convert the Blackberry users at Theatre IV. I've already convinced Chase and he loves it. Phil and Jennings are next (possibly getting theirs in the next week or so), and maybe Tracy. :) What app did you download to track your running route? I love the GPS function. Even though it's in "beta" I think it works really well. There really is a reason they call them "smartphones"!! :)

  2. I use RunKeeper. It's fairly simple but it gives me my time, my avg. min/mi, my mileage, my route, and approximate calories burned. Ok, so maybe it's not so simple. I like it!

    Hurray for Droid users! What kind of Droid do you have?