Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Holiday Confusion

Alright, so I know just about everyone has commented on this, but I'm going to throw my voice in too.

Halloween just passed, and Thanksgiving is just a week away.  However, Christmas has already come in.  If you watch any t.v. you will see commercials promoting different Christmas sales.  If you pass any store you will see Christmas displays in the window.  In fact, just last week some stores near our neighborhood had a Holly Open House and decked the halls with lots of things to sell.  Amidst all this Christmas hoopla, I find that I am having trouble remembering which holiday is coming up.

I know that next Thursday is Thanksgiving, but I keep panicking.  I don't have all my gifts!  Will I be able to get them all by next week?  There are some ads that I've seen, and I've wondered why they're showing them so late.  Shouldn't they show them more than a week before Christmas? 

It's extremely frustrating.  Has the world forgotten about Thanksgiving?  I haven't.  My house is still decorated for autumn, and that won't change until after Thanksgiving.  I'm not going to buy anything special just because it's Christmas oriented.  I hope the retail world understands this.  If not, TOO BAD!  I'm going to celebrate one holiday at a time, and that's all there is too it.

In other news: One year ago today, it was raining and a car rear ended me.  It's raining today too.  Do I have to leave the house?

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  1. Wow I understand exactly how you feel I refuse to put up a christmas tree until after thanksgiving.Far as the car accident just be more careful ~confused but sure~