Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Mushroom-Swiss Burger

Before I go on to the point of this blog, I have to ask, have they created a fat-transplant procedure yet?  I ask because yesterday I took Cody to be groomed.  I know it's cold, but he's so happy when he's not covered with hair, so we cut him short.  It always surprises me how thin he is.  Actually, in general, he tends to fill out during the summer and lose weight in the winter.  I'm pretty sure this is probably due to lack of exercise and an atrophying of muscles, but for now the point is that he looks very thin.  I'd be more than willing to donate some of the extra weight in my thighs to help him fill out.  So, again I ask, have they created a fat-transplant procedure yet?

Alright, on to the brunt of this post.

So, the past few weeks I've made a concerted effort to cut out all junk food / processed food from my diet.  I know from previous experience that if I can avoid the junk for a long enough time, that when I do eat junk food it won't be at all satisfying.  In fact, it may even be a bit sickening.

Well, last night we went out to dinner with a couple of friends.  I was really craving a burger, so I ordered the mushroom swiss burger.  I really didn't want fries with it though (that just sounded disgusting), so I had green beans on the side.  My plan was to only eat half of the burger, but for some reason I went ahead and had the whole thing.  I had forgotten how awful the sickly feeling of eating junk is.

It took less than half an hour for me to feel awful.  My stomach was upset, I was surprisingly tired, and I did not feel good.  When I got home, I immediatly went to bed.  I slept through the night, but this morning was not a good feeling.  The best way to describe how I felt would be a mild hangover.  My mouth was dry, my body ached, and I felt slightly naseous. 

I got up, downed a glass of water and hopped on my bike.  Every pedal felt like torture.  I'm really surprised that one burger could do that, but trust me, it's a feeling I won't soon forget.  That burger certainly wasn't worth how I felt afterward.  I highly doubt I'll be having another one any time soon.

Other than that, things have continued to go extraordinarily well.  I'm busy.  I'm happy.  I'm loving life.  I'll tell you now, that I have no intentions of turning this into a weight-loss / dieting blog, but right now that is a wonderful part of my life.  So, please excuse me as I share my joy and excitements.  Hopefully you'll take joy in them too.

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