Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Enough Is Enough Already!

Last New Year's Day I made a resolution to live life healthier.  Like most resolutions, this one started out well and was full of good intentions.  However, eventually life caught up.  Between buying a house, working at WEE Shop, growing the business, and simply living life I kind of let the fitness thing go by the wayside.  I stopped working out.  I used my time with the dogs as an excuse for not doing hard workouts like I used to (this actually worked over the summer), I used all my time in the car as an excuse for not being able to prepare proper meals, and I used stress as an excuse to be lazy.  All that said...


I am tired of feeling so tired!  I am tired of feeling my jeans grow tighter and tighter.  I am tired of telling myself I'll get back on track tomorrow.  Why not start today?

First things first:  FOOD!

I learned over Christmas that I love to munch.  While I also enjoy sit down meals, I thoroughly enjoy snacking all day long.  Apparently this is better for my body too, so aren't I a lucky gal?  The problem is, snacking on cookies and cake probably is not the healthiest thing for me, and I'm not always in the mood for fruit and veggies.  So, what's the solution?  Breakfast bars!!

I spent yesterday morning and evening making different bars.  Some are a great meal replacement for those mornings where I'm really too rushed for breakfast.  Others are better as just a quick snack.  They all store well, and they're super tasty...yum!

I also learned that I get cold in the winter (go figure), and I need something other than hot chocolate to keep me warm.  One hot chocolate here and there isn't so bad, but three or four in a day probably isn't so good.  So, Hans and I made a huge pot of chicken and wild rice soup (my favorite soup) last night.  That will make for a few good lunches and dinners.

There is now pre-cooked food in the house as well as lots of fruit and healthy stuff.  The junk food, it is no good!  I'm making a concerted effort to watch what and how much I eat, and I already feel like it's paying off.  I'm feeling better and more energetic already.  Woo hoo!

Step 2:  The work-out!!!

This gets a little more complicated.  I have not yet gotten clearance from the doctor to start a full-blown workout routine like the ones I used to do (if you're wondering why I'm seeking clearance, email me), so I kind of have to improvise.  Plus, it's cold outside, and that makes things a lot harder.

To get things going, I've started walking on the treadmill, and will slowly increase speed and incline as soon as I'm allowed.  The problem?  My treadmill broke!!!!!!  Luckily, it's still under warranty, but it's a pain in the posterior none the less.  This means I either have to walk outside (brrr!), or I have to...

...ride my NEW BIKE!!!  I've had a bike since I was five, and I thoroughly enjoyed riding it.  I got a second bike when I was nine.  I've had that bike for the past 16 years.  I love that bike.  It has served me well, but needless to say it was just a bit too small for me now.  I've been saving and saving, and I finally justified the bike.  I decided it was time and I'm worth it.  Added bonus: As a late Christmas treat, Mom and Hans got together and got me an indoor trainer for my bike.

This is soooooo great!  I can now do a low-impact, higher-intensity workout inside...while I watch t.v.  It's true, I'm changing my t.v. time.  T.V. time is now while I'm working out.  It works out well because I'm able to enjoy my favorite shows I'm still moving (not being a slug on the couch), plus I'm not getting bored by the stationary workouts.

So, I'm sorry this is such a long post, but I am utterly thrilled about all that's been going on.  I am asking everyone and anyone who's reading this post for help and support.  Help me keep getting on the bike or treadmill (until warmer weather hits and I can go outside again).  Help me choose the best and healthiest foods, in the right proportions.  Help me reach all my goals, so I can be the best me possible.

Thank you!