Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Feeling the Wind In My Hair

Well, I was right.  Today has been a much better day than yesterday.  My bad mood vanished with the bad weather.  Thank goodness, because yesterday was not a good day.  Anyway, today had many good surprises, including warmer weather and some surprise me-time.  Hooray!  The best part of all, though, was a simple car ride.

You see, Merlin had a vet appointment scheduled.  Merlin is the only dog in the house, other than Cody, who is allowed to ride in the car without the crate.  So, Merlin was happy in the car.  Normally, I would have left Cody at home, but I needed him for a later appointment, and I figured that Cody could always use a practice visit to the vet.  And, Cody was happy in the car.

After a few minutes in the car, though, Merlin started to get restless.  He kept trying to climb to the front, which would have been fine if he hadn't tried to squeeze between the window and the passenger seat.  To help him calm down I rolled the rear window down just a crack.  Then to make it fair, I rolled the front passenger window down for Cody as well.

If you don't crack up at the sight of of two dogs shoving their noses through the crack in a window then their is something wrong with you.

Don't you all wish we could live life that simply?  I for one would love to get that much pleasure from just having the window down.  Maybe if we lived like that, days like yesterday wouldn't happen as often as they do.  I'm just happy I can take so much pleasure from watching the dogs.  It's little things like that which make the world a better place.

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