Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles...Well Really Just Automobiles

Geeze it seems like forever since I last blogged. Things have just been really hectic around here, so every time I think, "I'll write a blog today" I'm overwhelmed with ideas and thoughts and then I just decide to put it off for awhile. What I'm saying is, this blog may be fairly long or it may be fairly short. I'm just not sure where my brain will lead me today!

Well, my last blog was about Ask A Trainer in Southside. I did do another Ask A Trainer in the West End and it went even better than I could have imagined. I was able to meet plenty of people and I did have quite a few people ask me questions. I'll be back in Southside this Saturday, so we'll see how that goes. I'm expecting it to be fairly busy due to the Labor Day weekend, but I could be completely wrong.

Much more happened on Saturday than just Ask A Trainer, though. That evening we went to a cookout. When we got home (around 9:00 pm) we loaded up the car and drove to Chicago. I mentioned in the last blog that we may be going up for a funeral. The initial plan had been to leave Sunday morning, but we would then have to miss the wake. We both felt it was fairly important for us to be there, and it would mean a lot to Hans' family, so we left early. Hans was a trooper and drove for most of the trip. Yes, we did stop, but only briefly and only in a rest area in Ohio.

I have to say, while the reason for us being there wasn't the happiest, it really was a nice trip. Hans and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing his family. Plus, we were able to see a little more of where Hans' dad grew up. While I was a bit worried that the stress of the situation would cause us to drive each other nuts, I actually think it helped to mellow us out and bring us together. Really, while it's a somber occasion, it's one of the few occasions that will bring that much family together. Hans and I both met family members we'd never even heard of. I met some of Hans' family that I'd heard plenty about and just never seen. So, how can you not be somewhat happy? I think anything that brings that much family together has to be somewhat joyous.

Oh, and the day of the funeral was beautiful. My family has a belief (we're Ukrainian and extremely superstitious): If it's raining on the day of the funeral it means the deceased was sad to leave and is mourning the loss of his/her time on earth. However, if it's sunny, then the deceased is happy and at peace, and we should not mourn but be joyful because our beloved family member / friend is finally happy. The day of the funeral was bright and sunny. The temperature was warm but not too hot (well it was actually kind of chilly for me, but I'm odd like that). It was obvious that our aunt was extremely happy. I only hope that others can see it that way.

So, all in all, I had a pretty good time. I was able to see family that I'm not able to see that often. We actually had a great time visiting with them. I was able to try a great pizza place that Hans and his family have raved about for years (and it was delicious). Oh, plus I had a great meal at Culver's. There's no decent way to describe Culver's other than fast food deliciousness. Now I'm back home, Hans is at work, and there's unpacking to do. Life is going back to normal...I hope.