Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Anti-Chocolate Chip Cookie Land- Update

Well, things have been going quite well in Anti-Chocolate Chip Cookie Land. Technically, my 2 weeks ended last Wednesday, but I'm making more of an effort to keep it going. I am allowing myself to have some fun (fried fish is too tasty to pass up), but I'm just not overdoing it. Basically, I'm keeping my meals smaller, and I'm passing up on the daily Starbucks. Also, I'm trying to keep up the exercise thing. What can I say? It makes me feel good. So, what have I noticed? Quite a bit actually.

The first thing that happened when I started was that I dropped a few That was nice. However, as my body has adjusted, I've started to plateau. That's ok, though, because I can see my body becoming stronger. I may not be showing much change on the scale, but I can feel and see a difference in my clothes. Besides, I still haven't even added in weight training yet, so I definitely have something to step up my workout if I need to.

I've also noticed I've had tons more energy. I'm having a blast taking Cody for walks, and the house is staying cleaner. A few weeks ago it was an effort just to get out of bed. Hans and I are having a blast. We are still fairly pooped come evening, but instead of just vegging out and watching t.v. we'll often play RockBand or some other game on the Wii. Last night we even took Cody for a little mini-walk and then played with him outside some. Have I mentioned that Cody loves this too? Oh, and when I mention evenings, I typically mean 7:30 or later. Any time before that and I'm typically still at work.

Yes, I feel good right now. I'm hoping I can keep it up, because I'm still tempted by a lot of foods. Eventually, I know those foods won't even appeal to me, but until then I just have to keep a plan. Wish me luck!


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  2. Is it still Anti- Chocolate chip cookie land if there are over 5 dozen chocolate chip cookies on our dining room table?