Sunday, September 6, 2009

Anti-Chocolate Chip Cookie Land- Day 3

Anyone who knew my grandmother in her old age knows of Chocolate Chip Cookie Land. In reality, it was just a bit of confusion on my grandmother's part as she was writing an address. In my world, however, it's a land full of chocolate chip cookies, cake, pastries, and, of course, milk. Basically it's what my world has been like...until recently.

After the trip to Chicago I noticed how much I'd been craving sugar. It started with just a small bowl of ice cream after dinner, but then I wanted more. It turned into ice cream after lunch and after dinner. Then, ice cream as a snack. I baked a batch of cookies, but I had to have 3 or 4 for "quality control." It was really getting out of hand.

Not only did was I noticing how much more sugar I wanted, I was also noticing that I hadn't been feeling well. I was always tired (and wanting more sugar), and I felt depressed in general. I was depressed because I wasn't working out. I was depressed because I wasn't going out. I was depressed because I wasn't reading, or because I was reading too much. I didn't even want to clean the house. So, I decided it was time for ANTI-Chocolate Chip Cookie Land. I needed to cut out as much of the processed sugar as possible. My foods needed to be nutritious and maybe even a bit smaller.

Now, I'm on day 3. Honestly, I feel like sh**. My whole body is aching, and I'm ending every night with a migraine headache that brings me to the point of tears. I feel like vomiting 90% of the time, and some moments have passed where I feel I might murder someone for a brownie.

Here's the thing though. It's getting better. Today is much better than yesterday. Hans and I even went to Kings Dominion as a kind of kick-off. I was thrilled that I wasn't that tempted by the Funnel Cakes (although pizza sounded pretty good). While I'm tired today, I haven't gotten a head ache yet, and that's great news.

Oh, and last night was a huge turn-around I think. We turned the a/c on last night because it was fairly warmer than it's been the previous nights. Even though it was about 5 degrees cooler in the apartment than it has been, I woke up in a cold sweat. And I had the weirdest dream (too confusing to explain). I figure that all this feeling like crap is just my body going through detox (maybe I should drink some tea to help), and that when it's done in a week or two I'll feel better than I have in years. Yes, I'll probably hit another point where I don't think I'll be able to live without a bite of sugar. I may even be tempted to dip a spoon into the sugar jar. However, I know I'll be able to jump that hurdle too. I only have to worry about the next 11 days. After that, things should be easier. Well, until my birthday that is!

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