Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tina Fey

Well, I was right. Day 3 of Anti-Chocolate Chip Cookie Land ended my feeling terrible. I never did get a headache that day, and the next day I felt much better. Granted, I was extremely tired, but I think that had more to do with the late night and early morning than with the sugar thing.

Now, however, the real cravings have set in. Pizza sounds like heaven, and it's taking everything in me to resist making cookies and eating them all. I'm trying to resist those cravings and eat fruit for a natural sugar high, but it's quite difficult. Milk has become a best friend of mine, because it seems to lesson my ice cream cravings. Oh, and if the ice cream craving is really bad, I'll eat some yogurt (not frozen, just Dannon). That's actually quite helpful.

Honestly, I feel like Liz Lemon (aka Tina Fey) from 30 Rock. I just recently started watching that show, and I'm living vicariously through her. She eats EVERYTHING, and with each little bite she takes, I find I'm cheering for joy. "Yes! Eat that pizza!!! Oh, and have the brownie too! It's beautiful!"

Actually, I finding that Tina Fey has kind of become my idol. She's a smart, sexy, brunette woman. She manages kids and a job. She's well respected in the comedy world, but she's not necessarily out of her realm when she speaks about other things either. She kind of has that sassy librarian thing going on, and I think that's extremely attractive in a woman. Basically, she makes smart look sexy, something so few actresses now can do.

Ok, before I start sounding like a creepy stalker, I'll stop. Maybe I've just been watching too much 30 Rock, and I've probably fallen for her character more than for her, but, then again, 30 Rock is her show. Who knows!?

Anyway, my question to you is: Who do you idolize? Do you want to be like someone living or someone from the past? Is this person someone you know personally or just someone who's spread some good ideas?

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