Monday, November 1, 2010


I know I just blogged yesterday, but I'm in a blogging mood.  Here are a few thoughts to tide you all over until my next post.

What happened to Halloween?  Hans and I stocked our shelves with candy, but we didn't even get through one bag last night.  Only a small percentage of kids were dressed up, and half the time their parents asked for the candy for them.  Part of me wonders if they didn't have costumes because they couldn't afford them, but then I have to ask why they didn't go for the homemade variety like Hans and I did.

Speaking of trick-or-treating, how old is too old to go out?  I know I stopped when I turned 11, but I had a few friends go out until they were 15 or 16.  Personally, I feel like once you're out of elementary school you're probably too old to go door to door asking for candy, but I want to get your take on it too.

I also got to thinking about Halloween parties.  My dad and his fiancee threw a Halloween party and it was nice, but it got me to thinking about the kind of party I might throw.  So, I came up with two different options.  1) Dia de los Muertos.  Celebrate the latino heritage and Catholic religion with the Day of the Dead.  I would definitely need to study-up on some of my facts, but I love this holiday.  2) Colonial Halloween.  Who doesn't love the idea of bonfires, bobbing for apples, and ghost stories?  Definitely my idea of fun.  It did dawn on me that each of my parties takes Halloween back to its religious roots.  That's OK by me.  I think Halloween has really gotten lost in the consumerism lately.  I'd love to celebrate it for what it really is.

Too Much T.V.
I feel like the Berenstein Bears in Too Much T.V.  I've spent a lot of time vegging out lately, and that certainly needs to change.  I have, however, seen two very interesting shows.  

First, I've been watching Sister Wives.  For Halloween, these four women dressed up as women who are happily married.  That is a lifestyle I don't think I'll ever understand.  Especially after seeing this first season, I think my head would explode if I lived that way.  Actually, I'll probably do a whole post on this one later, so I'll leave it at that for now.

Second, I recently saw previews for Sarah Palin's Alaska.  Oh, and Palin dressed up as an average Josephine.  So, I have to ask, is Palin planning on running for President?  I definitely see this show as a way to portray her as an "average Joe."  She's just an all-American gal who fishes, dog-sleds, hunts, and protects her kids.  I don't mean to offend anyone, but I highly doubt that's the way she is at all.  My guess is that she's done those things, and probably enjoyed them (I'd enjoy dog-sledding too), but that she doesn't do them all the time.  Really, between her time in government office and her time on Fox News, when would she have time to go dog sledding?  Maybe I'm wrong.  Maybe she sleds into office all the time up in Alaska (well, when she was in office).  Maybe she and her kids go fishing on a daily basis.  Maybe they really live in tents and live off the land...I just highly doubt it.  

Anyway, that's enough of my ranting and raving.  It's off to work with me!


  1. I think all Richmond trick-or-treaters come to the Fan on Halloween. Seriously.

  2. We live way too deep in the community to get many trick or treaters and we generally go spend it with the grandkids....just so you won't be disillusioned my daughters neighborhood in W-burg was filled with tons of costumed kids.

    I am thinking I might do a neighborhood party next year..just for the bobbing for apples etc!

    Don't EVEN get me started on how bad TV is...and the not real "reality" TV..NOW I am done ranting!