Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Marie Claire

I've been wanting to write this post for some time, but I wasn't quite sure how to get my points across without offending anyone.  So, as you read this, if you are offended then I apologize.  Such is certainly not my intention.  That said, this is my blog about my thoughts and feelings, so if you're really ticked, just don't read it. 

Alright, that said, has everyone read the Marie Claire article that has everyone so infuriated?  If not, I encourage you do so before continuing on this blog.

Most people are supremely ticked off about this article.  If you don't believe me, try reading other blogs like LutherLiz or Dietgirl.  There was even a kiss in over this article!

Here's my thing, this article does not anger me.  Do I think it was written in poor taste?  Yes.  Do I think the publishers probably should have thought a little more before running the article?  Definitely.  But does it make me angry?  No.

Now, one could argue that I'm not angry because I'm not obese.  Well, considering the fact that hundreds of other non-obese people are angry I doubt that's it.  Plus, just because I'm not obese now doesn't mean I never was, and it certainly doesn't mean I'm not without my own weight issues.  So, why doesn't this article anger me?

Mainly, I feel sorry for the author.  It's very clear to me (and anyone who has ever read this article) that the author has never struggled with obesity, and thus lacks a clear understanding of the larger percentage of the U.S. population.

She also admits (albeit briefly) in her update that she did struggle with anorexia.  She definitely has her own issues to sort out.  I'd say the number one issue, and the reason she wrote this article, is that she's afraid.  She's not really disgusted by obesity.  She's afraid of it.  She's afraid that is what she will become.  She's afraid that if she doesn't go to the gym or eat the right foods or do everything just right then she will become one of the morbidly obese masses.  That's got to be a hard life to live.

Lastly, and this is the one that might offend people, she's not disgusted by obese people simply because they are obese, she clearly says that she's upset and offended by how they are treating themselves.  Whether you're thin or fat, tall or short, the majority of the population is not treating their bodies properly.  I can't really preach because I'm a big culprit here, but I'm working on it.

Our bodies are something sacred, something to be cherished.  We should love and embrace our bodies no matter how large or small we are.  We should fuel our bodies, not just feed them.  We should love our bodies for every single step they allow us to take.  We should greet the morning thanking our bodies and thanking God for even allowing us to wake up.  Yet, we're not.  We groan every morning.  We curse that ache or pain.  We focus on all the failures instead of all the accomplishments.  We shovel food into our mouths (damn you Halloween candy) while we zone out watching shows like Jerseylicious (guilty) or House (definitely guilty), or ironically, The Biggest Loser (formerly guilty).  I really wonder how Maura Kelly sees her body.  Does she love it or does she curse herself when she gains a pound?  That's a tough row to hoe.

So, I'm sorry, but I just can't be angry.  Instead of getting angry at Maura (because really what good does that do?), I am simply taking the time to evaluate my own feelings.  Am I afraid of putting the weight back on?  Afraid doesn't even begin to cover it.  Do I wish I was thinner?  Unfortunately yes.  My weight is healthy, but I'm not satisfied.  More than thinner, I definitely wish I was healthier, and that is a whole other bag of worms.  So please, feel however you wish.  Do know, though, that anger isn't going to solve anything.  Actually, it could just make you feel worse.

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