Monday, November 8, 2010

My Bachelorette Party

Yesterday I told you about Jessica's bachelorette party, but the biggest problem is that I can't give you Jessica's emotions or feelings towards the party.  I can, however, give you my feelings towards my own bachelorette part and wedding shower (or showers as the case may be).

My Bachelorette Party
My bachelorette party was a complete and utter surprise.  First, Hans surprised me by flying my two best friends up to MN.  He knew I was homesick and was having trouble that year, so he talked them and his parents into all pitching in a bit of money to give me a big surprise (fantastic!).  So, my roommate, Jackie, and her sister, Kelli, decided that would be the perfect time for a party.  I had a quiet evening planned...they had other things in mind.
Kelli arrived at the apartment baring a bag full of blow pops, some bachelorette-themed-shaped white chocolate and milk chocolate suckers, a handful of Hawaiian leis and tiara and veil.  The rules were I had to approach random strangers at a bar, ask them if they'd like a c***, blow or lay for $1, and if they bought one I'd have to sing "Lolli-c***, lolli-c***, Ooh lolli, lolli-c**" while dancing.  So, off we went: Jess, Laura, Liz, Kelli, and Jackie.  They were nice enough to take me to TGI Fridays for dinner and preparation.  

At first I was was EMBARRASSING!  Then, however, people started buying.  Heck, I got so into it I even sold the tiara for $5 (although that may have irked Kelli a bit).  Anyway, by the end of the evening I had made over $100, and had had a blast.  I think we got home around 2:00 or 3:00 am, which was a bad idea because I had to be at work to do time cards by 7:00 am.  It took me 3.5 hours to do what normally took under 2 hours.  I was really tired.

The Wedding Shower Number 1
I forget what we had planned for that day, but I know it didn't work out.  Jackie made up some story that her car wasn't working and asked if we could come pick her up at her sister's house, so off we went.  When we got there, there were a few cars in the drive and on the road.  As we entered the house, we were greeted by Jackie, Kelli, Hans' whole family, Jackie's mom (who was making our cake), and a buffet of wonderful...including a chocolate fountain.  So, the problem with a chocolate fountain when you're really tired is that you make a mess.  Within ten minutes I had made such a mess that I had to borrow one of Kelli's sweatshirts.  Boy was I embarrassed.  Oh well!  We had fun.  We played games like seeing who could make the best gown out of toilet paper (Hans makes a very amusing bride...especially with that strapless gown), and memory games like remembering what sorts of kitchen utensils were safety-pinned to an apron.  We also brought out a few left over lolli-c***s from the night before and laughed hysterically as Hans, his brother, and his mom enjoyed the tasty treats.  The party seemed to end too quickly, but I was tired and ready for a nap.  Jess, Laura, and I went off so I could show them around town, and Hans and his parents went to see a show he'd been working on.  I was happy that evening (well until Hans called to say that he and his parents had hit a deer.  That wasn't fun).

The Wedding Shower Number 2
This one was much more planned.  Actually, I'd known about this shower since before the first shower took place.  Hans' grand-Godmother (his Godmother's mother) threw us this shower.  Instead of involving people from VA and St. Cloud, this shower included more of Hans friends from Peterville.  The invitations were fantastic.  Each invitation had a recipe card and whether or not you could make it you were supposed to send in a recipe for us to call our own.  We got some wonderful recipes including some delicious brownies from Liz's mom, some great waffles from Hans' dad, and the recipe for Green Garbage (a broccoli casserole Hans' family has over holidays).  Hey, I said they were good.  I never said they were healthy.
We also played games at this party...very similar games to the first shower.  A really fun one was dressing up the bride and groom and tissue paper.  Apparently, Hans is a jack of all trades, because not only did he make a great bride, he also looks pretty fantastic with a goatee and top hat.  

The nice thing about this shower was that I didn't feel like I was about ready to drop.  I was simply able to enjoy the party.  That's definitely a bonus.

Anyway, it wasn't too long after all these parties that Hans and I got married.  And now, my Maid of Honor, Jess, is getting married in less than a week.  Wow!  Time is flying by!

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