Monday, January 19, 2009

Week #3

Ah, week number 3. What a week! Ok, so it's only the first day, but I can tell it will be an exciting week.

How can I tell? I have SEVEN dogs to work with! If you remember my post from last week, I only had 4 plus the one I "stole" from Matt. I won't describe them all like I did last week, but all the new ones are German Shepherds, except for one and he's a Lab mix. Also, Odin went home. He was much improved in the past week. I was shocked how much he learned to focus after just a correction or two. He wasn't motivated my treats, but he definitely didn't want the pop on the collar.

Oh, and this brings me to a good point. If you're going to buy a $3,000 puppy, make sure it's bred well first. And, if it's a big dog, CHECK THE HIPS!!! It's just way too easy to be ripped off.

Ok, so I feel like I'm rambling (which I am), but my brain is dead right now, and there's so much to tell! Maybe I'll think of something better to talk about next post.

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  1. Seven dogs? WOW! That's a lot! And if I'm looking at the weather correctly, you are also being pummeled by snow today. It does appear to be an exciting week! Good thing you have lunch at noon. You can watch Obama's inauguration speech in real time. Have a good one!