Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Much Needed Estrogen Day

YAY! I'm home!!! Ok, so I'm only home until tomorrow, but I'm still really happy about it.

For those of you who don't know my living situation, let me explain. I live in a 6x12 cell. There are no windows and the walls are paper thin. In that room, I have a bed, an extra large dog crate, a cooler, a box of food, a suitcase, a box of Cody supplies, a dog food container, a box of kitchen supplies, and a box of books (I read a lot). So this is not much room. Part of me says I don't need all this stuff, but I have actually used all of it in the one week, and I have plans to use it all again.

This is not the worst part. The worst part is that I live with 3 guys (and not very clean ones at that). There are two college-age boys whose walls are covered with swimsuit models and who spend their freetime playing shoot-em up video games, and there's a married, Louisiana cop who, while nice, is still too much testosterone for me.

To make matters worse, I am battling the cold from Hell. I'm sure everyone reading this blog either has this cold right now, or just got over it. What does every girl want when she's sick? Someone to take care of her. She definitely wants to at least be able to walk around in her pjs, maybe a robe, with a box of tissues in one hand, and a glass of juice/water/whatever in the other without worrying about 3 guys commenting. So, I spend most of my evening time in my "cell." I eat there, I read there, and I sleep there. Oh yeah, and I cough and blow my nose there.

This weekend, though, I came home. Hans took care of me and I got lots of sleep. Today, I went out with my best friends for a girl day. We got manicures and pedicures, had lunch, and saw Bride Wars. It was definitely an estrogen-filled day. Now, I'm back with Hans and I'm quite happy. I hate the fact I have to leave tomorrow, but at least I know it's only for another 5 days.

And I have to keep in mind that I LOVE the training. The school is great. It's only the dorms that make me want to run away screaming. Maybe I'll start spending more time in Barnes and Noble, even if it is 30 minutes away!

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