Friday, January 16, 2009

The Issue With Doggie Boot Camp

Ok, so the trainers at Tarheel are top of the line. They really know what they're doing, and I'm learning a lot from them. The dogs are taken care of pretty well too. Sure, they don't have the comforts of home, but they are taken care of.

So what's the issue? Here's the thing. For dogs, respect is not transferrable. So the issue with boot camps it that you're not there! I can take four weeks to train a dog, and he could be perfect for me in all scenarios, inside and out. But you're the one who's been coddling him all his life. He's never had to work for you. Do you really think he'll work for you now? The answer is probably not. He knows all the commands, but he has no reason to listen to you. You've never punished him before.

Really, for effective training, you HAVE to be involved. Besides, wouldn't you want to be involved in teaching your dog new tricks? Seek all the assistance you need. Take classes, read books, do whatever. Just be involved!

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