Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Different Weekend

Well, I just finished weekend 3 and I must say it was quite different. Usually, I'll leave school early on Friday and drive home. This weekend, however, I didn't leave Sanford until around 8:00, drove to Winston-Salem, and met Hans and his grandmother's place.

We actually had quite a nice time, but I do feel a bit guilty. Both Hans and I had such busy weeks that, by the time we got to Gan's (that's what we call her), we were too exhausted to be good guests. I mean, I actually fell asleep in the middle of her livingroom floor on Saturday. Still, though, it was really nice being able to see her.

I am still looking forward to next weekend, too. I'm going home again, but this time Hans doesn't have to work and I don't have any plans on Saturday. I think the plan is to sleep all day. Yay!

As far as school goes, I'm finding that I'm starting to find my groove here. I'm figuring out how much time each dog needs to be successful, I'm learning tricks for the difficult dogs, and I've even sent a few dogs home to happy owners. The teachers here are proud of me, because I'm making videos of the dogs I teach. See, each dog has a video made before it's sent home. Normally the interns do this, but I wanted to learn how it's done (and I think the interns do a crappy job of it) so I've started doing it. Jeff said he was very proud of me for doing that (YAY!).

I think the big task I need to undertake now, though, is taking pictures. I'm sure you all want to see what I'm doing down here. Maybe next time Hans visits, he can take some video or something.


  1. Sleeping in all day = good plan.

    What's on the videos? Do they show the dogs doing all of their fancy new tricks? I think you should make "before" videos, when the furry little hellions are still misbehaving and knocking you down and chewing up (or peeing on) your shoes...

  2. Yay!! You commented! Basically the videos show everything the dogs have learned: sit, down, stay, place, heel (on leash and off), and come.