Monday, January 5, 2009

First Day

First day in a nutshell:

- Orientation

-First steps

-Dragged through the mud

-Punched in the eye by a dog's nose

-Avoid savage attack by scared dog

All in all it was a learning experience to say the least. I have to say it was fun though. It would have been more fun if I hadn't been hopped up on Advil Cold and Sinus, but I enjoyed it none the less.

And I wasn't exactly "dragged" through the mud. It would be more correct to say that the klutz in me took over and I slipped and fell. Either way I have a pair of very dirty jeans.

Mom is in town, so that was nice. She took me out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and we went to Fayetteville to visit the Barnes and Noble and Target. We'll have breakfast again tomorrow morning, and then she's headed back to Richmond.

Speaking of Richmond, I still can't wait to go home on Friday. I think Cody will be happiest with that decision, though. He misses being free in the yard. It is hard being in a single bed by myself when I'm so used to being in a queen bed with Hans. Although, I have to say I wasn't exactly by myself (Gasp!). Cody was with me. :P He spent most of the evening guarding the door, but took a couple hours to sleep and was only comfortable when he was up with me. I must say, I felt safe and sound.

Hopefully I feel better tomorrow, but either way I'm excited!

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  1. Yay for blogs! I hope things go well. It sounds like an exciting first day. I didn't realize you got to bring Cody. How fun!