Monday, January 26, 2009

More Random Stuff About My Daily Life

Ok, so I know a lot of what happened today was stuff that's already happened since I've been here, but today just seemed to be really interesting.

I think the most interesting part came when we had a consultation with the owners of an aggressive dog. The dog is a pit bull mix and is quite adorable, but he shows a significant amount of fear aggression. I think we'll be able to work with him, but we have to figure out what sets him off. One instant he can be jumping and playing around and the next instant he's biting someone. I think he just bites once he's had an opportunity to think about what's going on. Keep him busy and he'll be fine. Of course, that solution doesn't work for the owners, so that's where we come in. I hope it works. He's such a cutie pie!

I'm also really starting to feel sorry for Cody today. He just seems so bored! Of course, I try to take him for walks, and there's a field nearby where I can throw his frisbee, but it's a lot harder for me to get outside when it's cold. I'm hoping I'll do better tomorrow, but today he hardly got out at all. He takes it like a champ, though. He still snuggles, and he'll chew on his Kong if he gets really bored.

Cody is also doing really well in the training. He's learning a very nice on-leash heel, and I plan to start him on off-leash commands this week. He's also responding very nicely to my sit, down and stay commands. I'm so proud of him!

Oh, and I received my final exam today. It's quite a doozy too. I have 1 year from March to complete it. Of course, I'm pretty sure I'll have it done by March. I want to be done with this course as soon as possible, so I can move on to the next step. As fun as it is, I'm pretty sure starting my own business will be much more exciting. Oh well! Here's to the future!

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  1. Hey Valerie - This is so great! Saw your entry on GRAD's DoodleKisses page so came to check it out. I wish I'd been following since the beginning - it's very interesting and I think what you are doing is exciting. Clearly it is also exhausting, physically, mentally, and emotionally. The GRAD group has lots of new puppy owners so you may find some future clients among them. Keep up the great work! Katie Cole