Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What A Difference A Day Makes

This week, I'm finding myself singing that song over and over and over again.  Each day has changed drastically from the one before it...each day has become better than the one before it.  I am seriously loving this week.

Sunday, the day after such an eventful Saturday, found me tired and dragging.  I went to church, but then I just came home and crashed.  I tried reading, but Cody, Tommy, and I all ended up asleep fairly quickly.  Hans was sneaky, though, and snapped a picture.

This may not seem very comfortable, but it really is.

After our little snuggle and sleep-fest, Hans and Cody and I went over to visit our friends, Chip and Jean and CJ for dinner and a movie.  The  movie (Bordertown) was OK, but the dinner (Fajitas) was fantastic.  It was a fabulous evening, and the entire day seemed to kick off a great week.

Cody was in a really cuddly mood, and CJ, who's normally cuddly was tolerating Cody's exuberance.
 Monday would have been simply decent had it not been for one simple thing.  IT RAINED!!!!  For some of you (especially those in the MN region) rain my not seem like such a big deal or a great thing.  Here in VA, though, we haven't had rain since Hans and I went to MN back in August.  My back yard was nothing but dust (and concrete which desperately needs remedying).  That little bit of rain, though, helped the grass to turn green again and my flowers to grow.  I like the rain.  Plus, my day went well, and I was able to end it with a training session with one of the pups I fostered.  It was a pretty good day.

Tuesday focused on one thing.  Tuesday (YESTERDAY) was my last day at WEE Shop.  As I closed up shop and said goodbye, I felt a huge stress leave my shoulders.  As much as I enjoyed my time there, it was definitely time to leave.  It was definitely time to leave the mall atmosphere, something I've never really enjoyed.  It was definitely time to focus on my business, and my home, and me.  I am quite certain I made the right decision.  I had nightmares of having to fight mall traffic at the most popular mall in the area during Christmas season, and I was dreading it.  I will almost definitely be avoiding the mall this Christmas, just as I have for the past few years.  Phew!  Anyway, to celebrate, Mom took Hans and me out for a late dinner at Applebee's, and I was able to introduce Mom to the joys of half-priced appetizers.

Today, I had blocked most of the day off.  Mom and I had a trip planned.  You see, back in August, Mom had the horses moved to a horse retirement farm in Winchester.  Chapos is in his 30s and his age is showing, and Mom wanted him and Sunshine to have room to move and run.  So, today, we drove up to Winchester to see how they were doing.  While Chapos is definitely showing his age, both horses are doing as well as possible.  The farm is beautiful, and the owners are very nice.  After receiving a tour of the farm (which consisted of me holding Cody as he was both extremely excited and terrified of the horses), we wished the care-takers well, and went into the city.  There, we found a wonderful store called Country Treasures.  I just loved the smell and everything in it.  I also found the MOST ADORABLE RUG!
Isn't it ADORABLE?!
Anyway, after doing a little walking around, Mom and I decided to head home.  Coming home, the skies, which had been gray and somewhat promising all day finally decided to open up.  It started raining again!  The rain was heavy enough that I was forced to cancel all my evening appointments, something my tired eyes appreciated.  Again, a great day.

Tomorrow is Thursday.  So far, it holds the promise of wonderful, exciting things to come.  I really hope this week continues on this path!

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