Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back Home

Well, the trip is over.  How am I feeling?  I want some freakin' cheese curds!!!!

The End of the Trip

The last few days of the trip were a blast!  Hans and I kept a pretty full schedule, although that wasn't what we had planned at all.  We learned how to play disc golf, toured a brewery, and went to the state fair.  Yeah, and we ate lots of cheese curds.

We didn't end the trip in MN, though.  Just like we did on the way out, we stopped in WI to visit our old roommates on the way back.  This time we set it up differently, though.  Before, both of us had stayed at Dan's apartment, but this time we decided to pretend we were in college again.  I stayed with Jackie, Hans stayed with Dan.  We stayed up late chatting, and Jackie showed me Skype (yes, I'm behind the times).  The next morning we all met up for breakfast, said our farewells, and left.

Now That We're Back

Well, the first thing I realized is that I never should have expected to have gotten any work done on the trip.  It didn't happen.  Luckily, I scheduled this week to be a slightly lighter load, so I have some time to catch up.

The other thing I realized was just how much I missed my friends.  Before this trip, I hadn't seen Jackie or Dan for two whole years.  To make matters worse, I am admittedly horrible at staying in touch.  I tend to not call or email unless it's to make plans to do something.  So, seeing Jackie and Dan was a wonderful moment.  Somehow, we easily fell back into that fun banter we always had in college.  I just wish I could see them both more often.

Anyway, like I said, we're home now.  I'm happy to have a little break before having go back into things full swing, and that's exactly why we decided to travel when we did.  I'm also happy to be back and to be in my home in my familiar setting.

Well, I know this post is getting fairly repetitive.  Let's just say, that I had a wonderful time, I'm happy to be home, and I can't wait until I have the chance to do it again!

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