Monday, September 13, 2010

The New Dogs

Well, today has been a good day.  Boomer has officially been adopted, and she seems extremely happy.  She's following her owner around, giving kisses, and constantly wagging her tail.  She seems very relaxed, and her new mom just adores her.  She also changed Boomer's name to Abbey, a much better change if you ask me.

I also heard from Shadow's new parents the other day.  She's doing quite well, and her parents are loving her.  She desperately needed a home that could cater to her.  It was important for her to have someone who could spend time with her and love her unconditionally, but still know when to tell her no.  So far, it seems she's found it.  Hurray!

Of course, with the two dogs gone, this means that Cody has had the house all to himself for a whole week.  He absolutely loves it.  He really missed being an only dog, and he has been so much more relaxed this week.  Now, though, that's all changed.  We just got two new foster dogs.

One of the fosters is actually one of the puppies we fostered before.  Her mom is leaving the country for an extended period of time and had to return Sadie (formerly Sally) and her adopted brother Tommie.  We didn't want Sadie to go to a kennel, and we certainly couldn't take her away from her brother, so we took them both in.

I was worried Cody would be upset.  I was worried it would all be too much for him.  All my worries, however, were unwarranted.  They all get along great.  Sadie is young, submissive, and friendly, and Cody pretty much just ignores her.  Tommy is about Cody's size and very playful.  What's great, and very different from Shadow, is that Tommy knows when to stop.  He plays, and then he falls asleep.  Cody likes this.  Actually, Cody wanted to keep playing long past the time Tommie wanted to stop.  Tommie was patient, and Cody learned that he could be a very fun dog.  Hurray!!!

Now that I've told you about our new dogs, tell me what you think.  Are they cute, or what?

 Sadie's the pup in the background.  Tommy is the black and tan in my hand.

See?  They do sleep!

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