Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Someone convince me out of it.  Someone tell me I'd be crazy to do it.  Someone take it away!  Someone tell me I can't adopt this dog!!!

On Saturday, Sadie was adopted.  I knew she wouldn't be around for long because she was small, young, and really sweet.  Her being adopted, however, means we are left with Tommy...the sweet, loving, cuddly, playful year-and-a-half old pup.  It means Cody has a playmate who's perfect for him, who he enjoys, and we have a dog in our house who doesn't come with multiple issues.  It's very relaxing.

I spend most of my mornings and a good portion of my nights / evenings watching these two play.  Generally, we try to send the dogs outside, but at night we'll watch them run around the rec room until they're both tired and have fallen asleep.  When we go to bed, we crate Tommy, and he falls fast asleep...and sleeps through the ENTIRE night.  When we wake up in the morning, either Hans or I will get up and let Tommy out of his crate.  The plan is usually to let him and Cody out and to feed them, but this morning Tommy jumped up on the bed and snuggled into the crook of my arm.  I normally only let Cody on the bed (occasionally accompanied by his friend CJ), but it was so cute and funny watching Tommy. 

Cute and funny turned into warm fuzzies as Tommy made himself comfortable and Cody snuggled up on the other side of me.  Really, is there anything better than to be able to lie in bed with a dog in either arm while your husband showers?  Occasionally, one would look up at me and lick my nose.  It was pretty cute.

So, now I'm in trouble.  As much as Hans loves Tommy too, he's still the voice of reason.  "Sweetie, Cody enjoys being an only dog."  he'll say.  Or, "If we adopt Tommy, that's one less dog we can help later."  Why does he have to be so smart? 

While I doubt we'll end up adopting Tommy (even though I really want to), he definitely has a home here for as long as he needs it.  I certainly won't be kicking him out any time soon, and I don't think Hans will be either.  The best part is, with as good as what he is, I'm not nearly as hesitant to bring in a new foster, one who might need a little extra help but who would be good with Cody and Tommy.  Like I said, I'm in BIG TROUBLE!


  1. I think that you should adopt him for the very reasons that you stated in that it would be much easier bringing in just one new foster dog that both Cody and Tommy could help. Go For It!