Sunday, May 2, 2010

Couch to 5k Week 2

Well, I've done it.  I've officially completed two weeks of the 8 week program.  Woot!

I entered this week thinking I'd have quite a bit of difficulty or that the second session would be particularly troublesome.  However, it wasn't like that at all.  I think that week one was such a busy, hectic, crazy week that week two just seemed easier in comparison.  Yes, week 2 was busy, but it was substantially easier than week 1 was.  I had more rest and felt better over all, so getting up to jog was less of a pain and more of a fun thing.

Anyway, day 1 was the hardest day.  It had been a whole weekend since my last jog, and Mom was in town.  So much had happened in two days that I almost forgot to do my jog.  I barely fit the jog into my morning routine, and I ended up "running" around all morning.  That said, I did fit in it, and the fact that it was hard to do made it all that more rewarding.

The second day surprisingly was extremely easy.  Week one, the second day was the hardest, and I was expecting it to be the same for week two.  I think because I slept so well the night before jogging just seemed to be a breeze.  It left me feeling good.

Day 3 was difficult but still felt great.  Hans and I started painting the rec room on Wednesday, so two late nights made getting up Friday morning extremely difficult.  To say I was tired would be an understatement.  While doing my warm-up I felt stiff and sore, and I certainly wasn't sure how I was going to do anything more than a walk.  By the time my warm-up was over, though, I felt ready to go (I was warmed up.  Go figure.).  This day left me wanting more.  I was kind of disappointed when the session was over, and I almost decided to go longer, but I had other things to do and I had to stop.  In the end, I felt good.

Actually, day 3 felt so good, that I added a fourth day on Saturday.  This one didn't so much follow the schedule, but rather it was just a chance for me to move.  And trust me, moving felt great.  It just felt like I started the day off right.  I'm excited to start week 3, and I can't wait to see how I do.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Congratulations! You are going to breeze by me here and I'll have to try to keep up with you! You are awesome!