Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bark in the Park- Flying Squirrels a Hit

Let me begin this post by explaining the Flying Squirrels.  Richmond used to have a baseball team called the Richmond Braves (the farm team to the Atlanta Braves).  They were a fine Triple-A farm team for the Atlanta Braves.  However, due to some stupidity on the mayor's part, our beloved Braves decided to leave us...about 2 years ago.  For about 2 years, Richmond had no professional baseball team.  There were no fireworks in the Diamond (our stadium) for 2 years.  There were no games, no fans...nothing.  Then, this past year, the Flying Squirrels moved in.  They're the double-A team for the San Francisco Giants.

First of all, let me say that I absolutely hate the name Flying Squirrels.  However, their mascot is freakin' awesome.  Only a Flying Squirrel could do hand stands and climb poles.  It's pretty neat.

Anyway, this past Wednesday the Diamond and the Flying Squirrels did something they've never done before.  They held a Bark in the Park night...dogs were allowed!  Well, even though there are currently 4 dogs and 6 puppies in the house, Hans and I decided to just give Cody some alone time, so we took him to the game.  Boy, oh boy did he love it!

Let's forget the fact that Cody loved seeing so many other dogs, and the fact that he was thrilled to be somewhere completely new.  Let's forget the fact that he was very well behaved, and that everyone thought he was adorable.  Let's forget the fact that Mom and Dad (me and Hans) love stadium food, and decided to indulge, and to share with Cody.  Let's forget the fact that even members from the opposing team saw Cody and thought he was cute enough to approach and play with.  Let's forget the fact that we had front row, third base line seats.  Let us forget all that.  For Cody, THERE WERE BALLS!!!!!  There were lots of balls.  There were balls being thrown, balls being hit, balls being bought, but there were no balls being bit (at least not by Cody).  It was really fun to watch Cody's reaction as a foul ball bounced past us.  The opposing team (the Seawolves) were really nice and actually gave Cody a spare ball.  That made him happy.

Oh, and as for that mascot?  He was a hoot!!!  Well, Cody kind of hated him, but I'm pretty sure if I were a dog I'd hate a giant squirrel in a cape too.  Anyway, like I said, he did hand stand, walked on his hands, climbed poles and railings, and really got the crowd going.

I felt like the whole night was a success.  Well, except for the fact that we lost.  Honestly, I don't see me going to another Squirrels game this season, but I will definitely return for their next Bark in the Park night.  It was great!

 "OK guys.  I'm ready to go in!  Can we go in now?  There are lots of dogs.  Can we please go in?"

"Hmmm.  What's going on over there?  It seems kind of interesting."

"Hey look!  A BALL!"

"Please can I have the ball?"

"Hey mister!  Thanks for the ball!"


  1. Glad Cody had such a great time. I wanted to take Chloe but wasn't sure she would have enjoyed it as much. Had thought about taking Phoenix a couple years ago when the Braves held Bark in the Park!

  2. I didn't know the Braves had ever done a Bark in the Park. Then again, I kind of stopped paying attention when I went to college (the Twins were sooo much cooler). Maybe next year you can take Johnnie. :P