Friday, May 7, 2010

Couch to 5k Week 3- Kind of

First of all, Hans informed me that he could not view my Wordless Wednesday post.  Upon further investigation, we found that I could view the picture on Mozzila Firefox, but he could not on Internet Explorer.  Did anyone else have this problem, and can any of you help me with it?

Now, on to week 3 of the C25k program.  To put things plainly, it just didn't happen this week.  I don't mean that I tried and couldn't complete it.  I mean it didn't all.  Between a late-night visit to the E.R. vet, and the all-night care of a puppy who didn't make it, and then just trying to cope and catch up with everything else it just didn't happen.

Honestly, I am still hoping to get at least one solid run in this week, even if it's not on the plan.  I'm really wanting to move.  That said, I have been out with the dogs more, so that's helped.  Plus, I've tried to not cope by eating (one of my favorite things to do).  Granted, the pizza last night begs to differ, but that has nothing to do with coping and everything to do with the fact that I'm a pizza whore.

Really, there have just been so many other things in my life I'm trying to get together.  There seem to be about 3 zillion projects to finish, and there are always new ones coming up.  There doesn't seem to be enough time in the day, and the days that do allow some extra time typically find me falling asleep before I can take advantage of that time.  If I could afford it I'd probably hire a life coach...and a maid...and an office manager...and, well, basically a lot of people.  In reality, though, it's just me and Hans, and with Hans getting busier at work I'm finding it's more and more just me (at least on some things).  I know this stress will pass, and I'll go back to being in the happy-go-lucky state I was in just a week ago, but this week has been the pitts, and I'm ready for it to end.  Any ideas?

So, while I rarely send out questions to that I really want answered, I do have a few today.

1) What do you to relax and keep from stressing out too much?
2) Do you have any really great organizational tips for either home or business (or both)?



  1. Hey Valerie it's Brittany. Sorry to hear you lost a puppy. Hopefully the ER Vet visit was nothing too serious either.

    To relax I play with my dogs. Worse day seems to melt away when I walk in the door and two dogs are there with grins completely overjoyed that I have walked back into their lives. They are so appreciative of me that I forget my frustrations.

    I don't have any good tips or organization but I am a really organized, planner of a person. I am happy to help you with anything.

  2. Don't feel bad about the trip up in the C25k. I had one too. You just need to start back at it! Good luck!