Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This Week

First of all, since my computer/email has been acting kind of funny, let me say here that I have some of the best clients in the whole wide world!  After my last post I had a client leave a comment and email me offering to help me out.  While I definitely appreciate the offer, I think at this point I just need to tackle some stuff on my own.  Trust me, though, we aren't that far away from hiring someone part time.  Heck, even just having someone to answer phones and take messages would be great at this point.

Next, let me say that this week has been considerably better.  Actually, more than considerably...phenomenally better.  Time-wise things are still just as crazy as ever, but I'm in a better place this week than I was last week.  After such a terrible start to last week, I was left with this continual feeling that I needed to catch up, and that no matter what I did I could never make it work.  This weekend, though, I reevaluated a few things and decided I could do this.

Yes, I ended up having to cut a few things that I really didn't want to cut (sorry, Impawsible Pups.  There will be no Spring newsletter), but I realized that means I already have a decent start on the next project (Summer newsletter, you're already halfway done).  I also know I'd rather do a great job on 50 projects than a half-a** job on 100 projects.  What can I say?  I'm a perfectionist! 

Also, I'm starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel.  Sound of Music opens at TIV this Friday (an opening I will not miss), so that means I'll soon be getting my husband back on weeknights.  Weekends will kind of stink, but at least then he'll be home by 10:00 or 11:00 as opposed to midnight or later.  Basically, things will be a lot easier.

That said, it's months like this that make me kind of hate the theater.  I find myself wondering why Hans doesn't have a better paying / better hours kind of job?  They're doing construction below the WEE Shop, and I find myself wondering if they're hiring?  Then, however, I see Hans at work.  I see how happy he is, how comfortable he is.  I see the amazed look of wondernment on the children's faces, and I no longer wonder why Hans is still at the theater.  He loves it there, and I love him both for it and in spite of it.  That said, I do wish they'd pay him more and work him less...ah! The life of the theater! 

After that, there's not really a lot to talk about.  Things have been busy, but not terribly exciting.  The puppies are growing rapidly, and they're now starting to eat solid foods.  Everyone seems pretty relaxed, although I think Cody's relaxation comes more from sheer exhaustion than anything else.  I'm hoping things continue on this happy path, because Lord knows I hated last week.  That said, Lord also knows how thankful I am for this week.  Here's to keeping it up!

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