Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Having the Hubby Back

For some reason, the song "My Boyfriend's Back (and You're Gonna Be in Trouble)" comes to mind, although the story behind that song doesn't quite fit.

You see, the past few weeks Hans has been preparing for the opening of Sound of Music at TIV.  Not only is he building the set, but he's also working the show, which means that he has spent the majority of the past two weeks at the theater building.  And when I say he spent the majority, I MEAN the majority of the past two weeks.  He would leave at 8:45 am and not return until 11:00, 12:00, 1:00 or one time 2:00 am.  When he was home he was tired.  Heck, I was tired, and our time together was typically spent sleeping.

It's amazing how much less motivated I am when he's away.  I really like having a partner to do things with, and he's so great with helping out with things.  Plus, some tasks are just easier with a friend.  Take last night for instance.  It was raining too hard to take the puppies outside, so we laid some plastic on our floor and let them out on that.  It was definitely a two-person job (plus a Cody) keeping them wrangled.  Then, instead of worrying about the multiple rooms that had to be cleaned, I was able to focus on my office.  Hans did a fantastic job helping to tidy up, and I was really able to get some serious work done.

Plus, we have so many projects that need to be completed, and quite a few of them just can't be started with only one person.  Actually, let me rephrase, quite of few of them I have no clue what I'm doing, so I need Hans' guidance.  Other projects I need to grow a few inches to do effectively.  So that may sound like I'm making excuses, and I probably am, but like I already said I really like having Hans around to work with.

Anyway, now the show is open, and while Hans is still gone on weekends, he's here in the evenings.  We may actually be able to accomplish things again.  Hurray!

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