Friday, May 1, 2009

Thirsty Thursday

Ok, so it wasn't actually a thirsty Thursday. That's just what it was called in college because kids got drunk a lot, and I just wanted to have some alliteration.

Yesterday was a very nice day. As I posted earlier, we had the show. Cody did ok. Nothing spectacular. That being said, the audience still loved him.

After the show, Mom met Hans and me for lunch. Let me just mention that I LOVE Lift, and lunch was quite pleasant. Then, Hans had to return to work :( so Mom and I decided to spend a bit of time together. I had payroll to do (Dad's on vacation), and I wanted someone with a bit more experience there just in case I needed her. I didn't, but it was fun to have her there anyway.

Mom and I looked at wedding pictures (they're finally in!), did payroll, and let the dogs play. Her little maltipoo, Alex, is such a trip. I think Cody's a bit overwhelming for him, but he's a trooper. After payroll, we went out to deliver it. On the way there Mom was an extremely bad influence. Here I am, trying to lose a little weight and Mom thinks it's a good idea to get ice cream at Sonic. Yes, snickers Sonic Blast is pretty awesome, but I really didn't need it.

And, yes, I am trying to lose a little weight. This is part of my on-going struggle with food. I'm not fat, but I don't feel fit either. I really just want to feel healthy, and I still have a long way to go before doing that. Ice cream definitely is NOT what I need.

Oh, and blogland, I'm sorry if theses posts seem a bit random. That's kind of how my life is feeling right now. It's good that I'm keeping so busy, but there isn't any time to really collect my thoughts. So, just bear with me. The posts will get better!

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  1. Hehehe! But man that Sonic Blast hit the spot! And it was a Snickers one too! YUM!