Sunday, May 10, 2009

Three Weeks Down and One to Go

Ah, a week without school matinees. Lord knows it will be nice. I'll actually have some time to get work done, and to really focus on my business. Cody will have some time to rest up, and if he's lucky, someone will spend some time playing with him (and keeping him worn out).

Really, the show has been a great learning experience. It has taught me more about my own dog and some of his fears, likes, and dislikes. It has brought me even more into the theatre world, and it has taught me why Hans always seems so exhausted during shows. It's funny how, even though I'd be working from 9:00-1:00 anyway, the fact that I'm doing it for the show seems to make it that much harder.

It's just the stress factor really. Lord only knows how many grey hairs I've gotten from this. Let's just put it this way: if I were the kind of person who wanted to dye my hair, I'd start dying now. Greys have pretty much tripled. That's why I'm so happy it's almost over.

After that, I'm hoping life will slow down for a bit. Hans and I will be flying out to MN in June to see his sis graduate from high school, and Hans will be super busy with the theatre, and I'll be super busy with the business, but I think we can handle that. At least I hope we can handle that. I just can't wait for a weekend off. I'm going to the beach...with Cody...and a damn good book. Until then, breathe in deep...and let it out. And repeat.

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