Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ideas: Good and Bad

Good Idea: Cleaning the bedroom.

Bad Idea: Not starting until 11:00 so you're done later.

Good Idea: Cleaning the bathroom.

Bad Idea: Not wearing gloves.

Good Idea: Exercising the dog.

Bad Idea: Not exercising with him.

Good Idea: Relaxing and enjoying the rainy day. That's just enjoying the weather.

Bad Idea: Doing so before it actually starts to rain. That's being lazy.

Good Idea: Baking cookies from scratch to save money and surprise the hubby.

Bad Idea: Doing so just after having cleaned the kitchen.

Bad Idea: Realizing halfway through you don't have enough butter and having to scrap what you just made.

And the idea to end ideas...Good/Bad Idea: Eating half-buttered cookies anyway. mmmmmm....chocolate...mmmmmm

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