Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yesterday or AAAAAARGH!!!!

Yesterday actually wasn't too bad. It just ended on a terrible note, but I'll get there later.

I started off the morning by heading straight to my office. God bless the in-home offices and working in pajamas. Although I'm sure Cody felt ignored (I was in the zone), I'm happy I could just get up and pet him whenever. I actually got a lot of work done. I called clients, payed bills, and I even signed up for advertising with

So, yesterday afternoon I was supposed to put flyers out, but I wasn't feeling well and Dad wanted me to accompany him to an appointment. I figured, sure, why not. It will only be an hour or so, and I can put flyers out when I get back. FOUR HOURS LATER we finally returned home. I can't blame Dad at all, because neither one of us knew how long it would take. So, flyers will go out today. That's ok.

When we got home, we picked mulberries from the trees in the back. We picked a lot of mulberries. For people who don't know what mulberries are, they look like black berries, turn your hands purple, and taste amazing. We had plans for those later.

Hans came home, and we were both really tired, so instead of cooking something from scratch, we just heated up some leftovers. We can always cook tonight. We then took a few of those wonderful mulberries and made a delicious mulberry cobbler. When I say delicious I mean I should market these and sell them. It makes me want to dance.

Then...AAAAAARGH!!!!!...what should I find as we're making the mulberries? This is terrible. I found mouse poop!!!! In my silverware drawer!!!! I then checked my pots and pans and, sure enough, there was more poop. This started a kitchen-cleaning frenzy. Then I looked in a pantry across the room and noticed the tell-tale signs of bedding. CRAP! CRAP! CRAP!! What the F**K did I do to deserve this?? I may not be Martha Stewart, but I always thought my kitchen was cleaner than that!!! Hans took some time to calm me down and tried to make me believe that it wasn't a dirty kitchen thing just a fact of life. Really, though, I've been eating with mouse-pooped covered silverware. You just can't get much nastier than that!

Now, after a few hours of me screaming at a mouse and throwing in my fair share of obscenties, making Cody and sometimes Hans run for cover, traps are laid and clean measures are being taken. All pots, pans, and silverware are out of the cupboards. Most are residing on the dining room table until said mouse is caught. We're cleaning each item before we use it, and scrubbing out everything else. Of course, I wish that I could just clean everything and put it back, but what would be the point in that if the mouse just crawls all over them again? All I can hope is that he's caught soon, so I can get my house back in order. My only problem? What if there is more than one??? Shit! I can't handle that!!!!

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