Monday, February 28, 2011

The Truth Revealed: Two Truths and A Lie Finally Answered

Last Thursday I posted three "truths" for a Two Truths and A Lie Blog Carnival.  In case you've forgotten, here are the three "truths."

1) In a time of need, I gave Cody water by taking a sip from a bottle and spitting it back to a baby bird.

2) This past year, I was on the news twice in one month, and my photo was used in multiple advertising campaigns for a local sports team.

3) I train dogs with hot dogs, and if I'm really hungry I'll occasionally eat a few bits hot dog to calm my stomach.

So, which one's the lie?  Read on to find out.

Last August, Hans and I took Cody on a trip to MN.  In the sheer confusion of writing up care instructions for the dogs, packing, and working up until the very last minute, we completely forgot Cody's food and water bowls.  This wasn't a problem when we arrived to our final destination since we borrowed a bowel, nor was it an issue when we stopped in a hotel since hand feeding can be fun, and Cody can drink from a faucet.  However, in the car it was definitely a problem.  We didn't have a bowl to water Cody.  At rest stops, I would simply pour some water into my hand and let him drink that way, but in the car this wasn't an option.  I didn't actually realize how thirsty he was until one point when I went to take a sip of water, and Cody "attacked" my water bottle.  He kept trying to steal my water!  So, I took a big swig, and I slowly let a little seep from my mouth.  Let me say that lots of Cody kisses were involved.  Apparently he was thirsty!  So, Number 1 is true.

Last fall, a tornado hit our house.  I was stuck in my car when it happened.  A tree fell behind me and in front of me.  I was featured on the news (tornado not fun, news fun).  Within a month, I also went on a local morning news program to discuss holiday safety with your pets.  So, I was on the news twice within a month.  Earlier that year, our local baseball team had a Bark in the Park night, a night where you could bring the dogs to the game.  It went so well, they decided to hold another night a few months later.  Apparently they had gotten a picture of me holding Cody and used it on flyers and their homepage to promote the night.  Last weekend, I found out that they're using the same image to promote their Bark in the Park nights this year.  So, Number 2 is true.

Yep, that's right, Number 3 is FALSE!  Most of you did guess number 3 to be the false one, but for all the wrong reasons.  I do, in fact, train dogs using hot dogs.  Nothing special, just some cheap chicken dogs.  The dogs love the hot dogs.  It keeps them interested, and it makes them really excited to see me.  In case your wondering, we do phase out the hot dogs, but that's beside the point.  While I always seem to have hot dogs with me, I would never, NEVER eat the hot dogs.  Sometimes training requires me to put them in my mouth, and I think they're not quite tasty.  They're salty and slimy.  Eating them is not my idea of fun.  Here's what I figure.  If my car ever broke down and I was stranded somewhere where no one could help, and there was the possibility I could starve to death, I'd have something to nibble on.  Until that day, though, the hot dogs will stay for the dogs.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed playing.  Obviously, my life is centered around the dogs...particularly Cody.  If you have any questions about me or my answers, please feel free to ask!

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