Thursday, April 29, 2010

Puppies Need a Home

This week I'm babysitting.  People who love kids babysit children.  I babysit dogs.  Normally the dogs I watch are older than a year, but it's so exciting when I get something young.  These pups are only about 3 weeks old.  Their eyes just opened and they're still very dependent on their mom (who's aptly called "Mamma Dog").  In about another 5 weeks, however, they're going to need a forever home.  They'll need someone to love them and play with them.  Someone who really wants a great companion. 

They're really cute.  I know they're some sort of hound mix (the mom is obviously hound), but we have no clue what the dad is.  Hans and I both guessed some sort of bully breed, but at this age it's really quite difficult to tell.  Basically, they all have smooshed faces.  They're starting to develop personalities now.  Of course, the runt is always picked on.  She's my favorite (I'm always partial to the runts) and she's the only chocolate.  There's one I call Speckles (he has spots) and he's a cute trouble-maker.  He's constantly exploring and trying to get to new places.  Another little lemon-colored girl is super-cuddly but her male counterpart just wants his mom (he'll probably bond really well with one or two people).  So, who wants a puppy?  I'll even help you train him/her!



  1. Cute! In another living situation I'd totally get one for E. Maybe one for Garrett? :)

  2. I really want to get one for Garrett. Mama Dog would actually kind of be perfect for him. She's super affectionate and loves to go outside. How do we convince B?

  3. Um. Hi. I want to come over and play with the puppies. And also steal one. Thanks.