Monday, April 19, 2010

Couch to 5k

First of all, thank you to my SIL, LutherLiz, for being such a great motivator.  Recently she posted a blog about all of her fears in regards to losing weight, but instead of shutting down and letting those fears take over being so open got her up and going!  So, she decided to take on the mile.  For someone who's never been a big runner, the mile is a big thing...a huge accomplishment to say the least.  When she posted that, though, she received an overwhelming response from readers who encouraged her to try a 5k.  A daunting task, yes, but LutherLiz was not deterred.  "A 5k it is!" she said, and thus she started the Couch to 5k Challenge.  She encouraged all of her readers to join her in her journey, and she was off.

So, I looked at that post and said, "Hey!  Why not?"  I know I've posted lots about jogging with the dogs, and I do enjoy my morning runs, but the fact of the matter is they've recently become less running and more walking.  I was never a big runner when I was younger, and I guess a little slacking off put me back in my out-of-shape mode.  Even when I did go on runs, I never went very far.  I eventually made it up to a mile, maybe 1.5 miles, but nothing ever really past that.  So, I decided to go for it now.

Originally, I was planning on downloading the podcasts and running with the dogs, but an early morning (dark still), and the recent reclaiming of my treadmill meant I ran inside.  I had a print out of the coolrunning C25k plan, so I was all set.  The nice part?  The treadmill is in our rec room with the t.v.  NO MORE RUNNING INTO A WALL!!!  I just set the t.v. to a decent show and kept myself entertained while I jogged for half an hour.  YAY!

Basically, this week kicks it off.  I plan on running again on Wednesday and Friday (assuming all goes as planned).  I may try to get up early enough for some strength training in between, but my days are super long right now, and I just might not be able to handle it.  As far as end goal / way to celebrate my accomplishment, I haven't quite decided yet.  I may just say, "Great!  I'm done.  Time for a 10k" or I may run for a cause.  I'm definitely open to suggestions.  Who knows?  Maybe I'll even be super pro-active and put together a 5k to support the arts (as if I have spare time).  Until then, I'm just going to enjoy getting back in shape and feeling better.


  1. I have not run in years. Biking is more my speed now that I'm old. But I'll live vicariously through you. :)

    BTW, love your header pic!

  2. You rock! We should run when you come to MN. I may end up getting a jogging stroller but they are $$ and take up lots of room so I don't know about it yet.

    Either way, I'm glad that you are coming along for the ride too!

  3. You might enjoy the Run Like a Girl 8K Jog or 5K Walk. It is only open to women.

  4. Way to go!! You should check out "Running Hope to America" for some inspiration. Just google it! Good luck on your training. My running days are over, just lots of walking.

    Much Love,
    Josie and Blues