Friday, April 9, 2010

Lil' Tidbits

* As I've posted multiple times already, moving is extremely exhausting.  It seems like I have a never-ending list of things to do.  Once I'm finally able to cross one thing off, another thing pops up.  Plus, everything's taking longer to complete than planned!

* The good news is that Hans and I finally bought a new vacuum and...drumroll please...our first lawn mower!  It's a simple push mower, but it's the first we've ever owned.  I can't wait to use it...especially since our lawn is in desperate need of a mow.  Hmmm, I wonder what the chances are that Hans would be willing to start on that tonight.

* The new job is going well.  It's getting me out of the house and keeping me fairly active.  Plus, I like my boss which is always a good thing.

* Impawsible Pups is going very well also.  Of course, I love my boss in that one.  :P  I'm working on my seasonal newsletter to send to clients past and present, and I'm getting ready to start selling dog soap.  I'm super excited for that.  All my scents are custom made by Little Luxuries of VA.  Can't wait!

*Oh, and for those of you who don't know my apartment situation, let me explain.  Our lease is not yet up on our apartment (not until June 30).  However, the whole reason we started looking at moving was because there were a few major things they had not repaired for a few months.  Of course, you can't just move, so I did give them notice that if the repairs weren't made within a certain amount of days, we would leave (as is allowed by the Landlord/Tenant Act).  I never heard anything, so I put my rent in escrow.  I was really just trying to get their attention.  Now I have a court date set, and I'm hoping the judge rules in my favor.  Luckily, I have emails and signed letters from them letting me know they have my notices.  One even gives me a scheduled appointment...which they never showed up for.  Keep your fingers crossed.  If we do end up having to pay the last few months of rent, it will be ok.  It would just be awesome, though, if we didn't have to.  Keep in mind, I'm not asking for reimbursement for past months.  I'm not even asking that they wave my check-out (I know there are a few minor repairs needed that are my fault).  I'm just saying that they haven't held up their end of the bargain, so why should I?  Anyway, wish me luck!

* Working out has all but disappeared recently.  My hope is to eventually start working out in the mornings again, however that won't happen until I can get to bed before midnight again.  I like my sleep...a lot.  However, I also enjoy my morning dog jogs.  Oh, why can't I have both?!  Also, my SIL recently decided to try the Couch to 5k plan.  I definitely want to try it with her, but while she started this week, I don't foresee me starting for at least another week, maybe two.  Do you think I can play a game of catch up?  I also need to do some strength training and tone my arms and legs for summer (plus it's great for working with the dogs).  Jillian Michaels here I come!

Well, that's pretty much it.  I'm tired, but happy.  Things are going well, although hectic.  I'm hoping things settle down soon, but I don't really see that happening in the near future.  Oh well!  At least when I do sleep I'm sleeping VERY well!  That's always a major plus in my book.

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