Saturday, February 28, 2009

More Information

Alright, so I know my blogs last week were often rushed and ranting. I thought I might give you a bit more of an update.

First, I am an aunt. On Thursday my SiL, Liz, gave birth via C-section to Edward James Paul. He's 4 lb, 7 oz and absolutely adorable. Personally I don't typically think that babies are cute until their about 3 months old, but I think he's absolutely perfect. And that's not just Auntie brain talking. He has a cute, little, round face (not too scrunched) and beautiful brown hair. Adorable!

Hans and I are talking about making a quick trip to Minnesota to see the newest Paul. I'm not sure if we'll be able to make it happen. Flights are expensive, and I have some dogs that need a lot of work right now. That being said, I can't imagine waiting until June to see him. I have some reasearch to do!

Lastly, I do have to talk about one worry I have, simply because it's on my mind and won't leave. I keep thinking about a Weimeraner named Weiser. He's such a sweetie-pie, but he's such bad separation anxiety. When left alone, he chews on his paws, rubs his nose, and yesterday he beat his head against his crate until the door came off. I don't think he's sleeping either, and we're having a lot of trouble maintaining his weight even though he's eating. So, I going to try something new. This week I'm going to take my bike down with me and take him for bike rides (I have a bike leash specially created for dogs that pull, so I'm not worried about that). I hope to take him for bike rides in the mornings and wear his butt out. If he's too tired to stay awake, he's too tired to worry. I know that helped with Cody, let's just hope it helps with Weiser.

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  1. Great idea about the bike! The new nephew really IS adorable! Don't let him give you and Hans any ideas now. :)