Saturday, February 21, 2009

Back Home...Again.

Well, I'm home again for another weekend. I always forget throughout the week how much I love being home, and I always forget over the weekend how much I love school. This weekend, though, is a bit different. I brought school with me!

Meet Ella. I didn't actually train her, but I only live about an hour from her mom, so I offered to bring her home. Her mom's coming here today (should be here soon), but I have to say I've really enjoyed having her here. It's been really fun watching her and Cody play together, and this morning was super fun. Hans and I took her and Cody to the Richmond Pet Expo. It was great training for both of them and it was even better that both Hans and I had a dog to work with.

I really think that I'll miss Ella when she's gone. She's only been here for a night, but I've really grown attached to her. It makes me wonder if I should get Cody a friend. Would he bond to his friend or get sick of him/her? Hmm, I suppose if I'm honest, a second dog wouldn't work in my life right now. But maybe in a few years?

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