Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Missing Home

As I stated at the beginning of this week, I am now half way through my training. This week has definitely been a time for reflection. What have I realized? I miss home.

Here's the thing. I miss home. I miss Hans, and my friends, and the comfort of my own bed. I miss having an oven and stove, having a clean shower, having a vacuum! I miss working and making money, and I miss being able to drive a mere 5 minutes to Barnes and Noble and spending that money.

However, I've also realized how much I'm enjoying my time here. I'm enjoying the dogs and the work I'm doing. I'm enjoying the people and the friends I'm making. I'm definitely enjoying all the cop stories I hear, and I'm waiting to meet a cop from the Richmond area so I might have a way of avoiding a ticket. I know I'll miss teddy-bear Jeff, mopey Matt, pixie Kylie, the great and powerful Janet, ambitious Tenille, and hell-raising Gina. I'll miss them all.

Of course, that's the benefit of only being 4 hours away. Visits are fairly easy!

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