Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why Hire a Trainer?

Alright, so this post isn't so much about why you should hire a trainer.  Everyone has their own personal reasons for that.  My question is, why would you hire a trainer if you're then going to tell the trainer she's wrong about every little thing?

Let me clarify.  I have no problem with questions.  As a matter of fact, I love the people who do their research and want to pick my brain and maybe even give me a few ideas.  I love working with that person to find a solution that works for both me and them.  I want my clients to be happy and I want their dogs to be happier. 

Do NOT, however, take your own personal opinion, which has no basis and tell me I'm wrong because you haven't tried it before.  Mind you, I'm not even so much talking about preferred methods among trainers.  I'm talking about something that 99.9% of trainers will agree on that a dog likes.  Oh, and definitely don't tell me I'm wrong right after you've told me you spent a whole week without even trying.  Basically, "It's not working.  She's not better.  We haven't had time to work with her."

Sorry, I don't mean to rant, and what happened today was more of a relief than a frustration.  It's just that I feel sorry for the dog.  The dog deserves better than owners who aren't willing to put the time or effort into her.  A dog deserves better than owners who won't even get up to take her outside.  I thought these people were ok because they at least cared enough to hire a trainer.  I realized, however, they hired a trainer expecting an instant fix.  They didn't want to put in the time or effort.  They just wanted a quick solution.  The funny thing?  The solution I gave them was probably the easiest for them (which is why I gave it to them).  However, they didn't try it, so it didn't work.  Go figure!

Ok, that's enough bitching for now.  I have actually had a pretty great day.  A visiting dog hasn't been aggressive all week (more to come later), while we've been having a monsoon here in RVA, it's really helping the water levels and that makes me happy, I've had some great times with Cody, Hans, and wonderful friends, and the business is doing great.  I guess I was just a little frustrated.  Thanks for letting me get it out!

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