Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Little Things

Life is hectic.  I mean, it's crazy all the time.  It's very rare that I'm able to take an actual break, some me time, and just process the world around me.  Blogging really helps, but even that can often be rushed and put off.  There have even been times where it's felt more like an obligation than a joy.  And, of course, all those obligations and chores can really be a downer.  That's why I so enjoyed this evening.

I had just gotten home after running around all day and was folding laundry.  The entire time I was folding laundry, all I could think about was how much I hate folding laundry.  It's one of those never-ending chores.  You have to fold laundry every week, often multiple times a week.  And then I got to the socks.  I reeeeeaaaally hate folding socks.  At least in my family, they're all white!  You can't distinguish by color and each one is supposed to have a match.  Of course, there's almost always at least one pair that's missing its match.  You can search through the socks again, look through the colors to see if it was misplaced, or even check the washer and dryer.  You're never going to find that sock.   Well, that is until it mysteriously reappears months later at your friend's house just after you tossed its match.  Well, I had all the matches!!!  Every single pair had a match.  It made me smile, and it got me to thinking about the little things in life.  Sure, I love it when something big and wonderful happens, but maybe I should be looking at all the tiny little things that happen every single day.  So, here's a list of a "few of my favorite things."

* Finding all the matches when folding socks

* Making even the smallest progress with the hardest dogs

* Dragonflies landing on a fishing pole

* Fall leaves

* A clean room

* Freshly baked anything

* The smell of dryer sheets and the feel of warm, dry clothes

* Super hot showers

* Morning jogs with Cody

* That brief moment between sleep and awake when the world seems just right

* Cody kisses (well, dog kisses in general, but Cody's make me the happiest)

* Snuggle kitties

* A good book and a lot of free time

Ok, the list is fairly long now, and I'm sure I'm forgetting quite a few things.  But, as you can see, I have a lot to enjoy.  Oh, and I'd normally add rainy days to the list, but after 2 weeks of a VA "monsoon" I'm kind of tired of the rain and want some blue sky.  Maybe that will change in 2 more weeks.  :P

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