Friday, November 13, 2009

Doggie Expressions

One thing I've learned as a dog trainer is that dogs have the ability to express themselves in ways that people just can't do.  For instance, a dog doesn't just smile when he's happy; he wags his tail.  He doesn't just clap when something's really exciting he jumps and spins and says, "I'm so excited!" with his whole body.  He doesn't just grimace when he doesn't like someone or something; he growls, the hair stands on his back, and he sends the whole message of, "Back the F*** away!" that no one can misinterpret.  Today Cody communicated my feelings precisely.

Out of all of my clients, most of whom I love (or at least tolerate), there's one guy who just really bugs me.  He's a little odd, but he's also slow.  S-L-O-W.  I don't mean mentally, I mean physically.  He just can't keep up with his little energy-blaster simply because he doesn't really try.  Cody met him today.  Can you guess what he did?

I brought Cody in on leash.  Cody looked at the guy.  I told Cody to sit.  Cody sat and continued to look at the guy.  Then I heard, "Toot."  Cody jumped a bit and turned around.  I kind of giggled and told Cody to sit again.  Cody sat and looked at the guy again.  I then heard, "Toot.  Toooooooot!"  That's right!  Cody FARTED!!!! 

I know it may sound kind of childish, but in that moment Cody expressed my feelings in a way I never could.  He may not have done it intentionally, but that's not how I'm going to choose to see it.  That's why I love my dog.  He gets me.

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